Does Princeton require SAT for 2023?

Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Penn, Dartmouth, and Stanford have all recently announced that they will remain test optional through the high school class of 2023, with Cornell going a step further remaining test optional through the high school class of 2024, and Harvard through 2026! We expect most every other highly selective institutions to follow suit (with the exception of MIT which recently announced it will require tests).

Our assessment is that Test Optional is here to stay, and we are thrilled!  At this point, we are recommending that the high school class of 2023 (current 11th graders/rising seniors) still consider taking the ACT or SAT, but whether or not they submit their scores should depend on test availability and personal performance. Our advice is that: 1. Students should not be engaged in herculean efforts to take a test (e.g., travel great distances to find a test or sacrifice your mental/physical health); 2. If your test score does not fall within the upper 50% range of your desired school OR it doesn’t reflect your academic school performance, you have the option not to submit; 3. You must enter the college admissions cycle with your eyes wide open. Remember, if you decide not to submit your test score, everything else will matter more in the admissions process. Rigor and grades will matter the most supported by a compelling story.

We are encouraged by the number of schools that already have announced a test optional policy through high school class of 2023 and beyond. Combined with the schools that have been traditionally (and permanently) test optional, there are more test optional choices than ever for the high school class of 2023 and we anticipate more to come.

Since the start of the pandemic, The College Curators have successfully advised 100s of students on navigating the test optional environment. We expertly guide our students to build a balanced college list supported by an authentic and verifiable application.

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List of SAT and ACT Test Optional Colleges for 2022-2023

Allegheny College*

American University* 


Adelphi University 

Babson University

Bard College* 

Barnard College

Bates College*

Baylor University 

Binghamton University

Bennington College*

Boston University

Bowdoin College 

Bucknell University

Brandeis University*

Brown University

Bryn Mawr College*

Bucknell University* 

California Institute of Technology

Cal State System (Test Blind through Spring 2023 with 2.5)

Carnegie Mellon University

Case Western Reserve University

Chapman University

Clark University* 

Claremont McKenna College

Colby College* 

Colgate University

Colorado College* 

Colorado School of Mines

Columbia University 

College of Charleston 

College of William & Mary 

Connecticut College* 

Cornell University 

Dartmouth College

Davidson College 

Denison University*

Dickinson College* 

Drexel University

Duke University

Earlham College* 

Elon University 

Emerson College

Franklin and Marshall College* 

Furman University*

George Washington University*

Gettysburg College* 

Gonzaga University

Hamilton College

Harvard University 

Harvey Mudd

Haverford College

Hobart and William Smith Colleges* 

Howard University

Indiana University – Bloomington

Johns Hopkins University 

Knox College* 

Lafayette College

Lawrence University*

Lehigh University

Lewis and Clark College* 

Loyola Marymount University

Macalester College*

Marquette University

Michigan State University

Middlebury College

Mount Holyoke College* 

Muhlenberg College* 

Northeastern University 

Northwestern University

Oberlin College and Conservatory 

Occidental College

Oglethorpe University 

Penn State University

Pepperdine University

Pitzer College

Princeton University

Providence College

Pomona College

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rhodes College 

Rhode Island School of Design

Rutgers University

Santa Clara University

Sewanee – The University of the South

Smith College

Soka University of America

Southern Methodist University

St. Louis University 

Stanford University

Stevens Institute of Technology

Stony Brook University

Swarthmore College

Syracuse University

Temple University

Texas A & M University-College Station

Trinity University 

Tufts University (3-year pilot)

University of Alabama

University of California System (all campuses test blind)

University of Chicago*

University of Connecticut 

University of Maryland

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Notre Dame

University of Southern California

University of Pennsylvania

University of Vermont 

University of Virginia 

University of Texas at Austin

University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Vassar College

Washington University in St. Louis

Wellesley College

Williams College 

Yale University

*Colleges with Permanently Test Optional Policy

**Go to for complete list

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Is Princeton test optional for 2023?

As a result, we will continue to operate in a test-optional environment for first-year applicants applying during the 2022-23 cycle for Princeton's Class of 2027. Students who opt to apply to Princeton without an ACT or SAT will not be at a disadvantage in our process.

Will SAT be required for class of 2023?

Dive Brief: More than 1,700 colleges and universities so far are not requiring students to submit SAT and ACT scores when they apply for admission for fall 2023, only a slightly lower number of institutions than the previous admissions cycle.

Does Yale require SAT for 2023?

In response to the ongoing disruptions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Yale will extend its test-optional admissions policy for an additional year. All applicants for undergraduate admission for fall 2023 enrollment may apply with or without ACT or SAT scores.

Will Ivies be test optional 2023?

Highly selective universities including The Ivy League, Stanford, Northwestern, and Boston University, all have announced that they will remain test optional through the high school class of 2024.