How do I remove a domain from Teespring?

Oh I did delete it from my DNS. A month ago. If I don't have a CNAME or A on my DNS it doesn't do anything, but if I add one or the other, no matter what, it will redirect to teespring.

However, I did some digging (for all you IT ppl, yes, pun intended), and it turns out it's a CF problem, so I will send them a few emails.

When creating a store on Teespring, often you get started quickly without paying much attention to the store URL.

However, once you start building a brand, you realize that the store URL is not what you want it to be and would like to change it.

The problem is it is not intuitive to change the Teespring store URL but in this article, I am going to show you the steps that you need to follow to achieve it.

Update: In the new spring dashboard, you cannot change your Teespring URL but can customize it by adding a domain name to your Teespring store.

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Here are the steps to change your Teespring Store URL in the old dashboard.

Step 1: Go To The Storefront Page

Start by logging in to your Teespring account that has the store you would like to change the URL.

After logging in, click on the profile icon and choose Storefronts.

How do I remove a domain from Teespring?
Selecting Teespring storefronts to change the url

This will take you to a page that contains all the storefronts you created.

Step 2: Click Edit Storefront

Now go ahead and however your mouse over the edit Icon on the desired storefront and click Edit store.

How do I remove a domain from Teespring?
Edit the storefront to access the settings page

This will take you to the store front settings page where you can modify and tweak your store.

Step 3: Click Settings

In the next window, click settings to access the storefront URL page.

How do I remove a domain from Teespring?
Select Teespring storefront settings

Step 4: Change Teespring Store URL

Now in the URL Permalink option, delete your old Teespring URL and change it with your new URL and click Save.

How do I remove a domain from Teespring?
Change your Teespring store URL

You have successfully changed your store URL on Teespring.

Prefer to watch a video tutorial?

Can you use a custom domain instead of Teespring URL?

You can integrate your Domain to Teespring however you will need to change the DNS settings of your domain at your register to the records provided by Teespring.

This may look a bit technical but you can easily do it by following the step-by-step instruction provided here.

How to change Teespring listing URL?

You can change your Teespring listing URL by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1

Go to your Teespring dashboard and navigate to the listing section to find all your listings.

How do I remove a domain from Teespring?

Step 2

Click the edit button next to the desired listing to access the listing details section.

How do I remove a domain from Teespring?

Step 3

Change the listing URL and click save to apply changes.

How do I remove a domain from Teespring?

Now you have successfully changed your listing URL.

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Can you have your own domain with Teespring?

With your own chosen domain name you can pinpoint it to your brand and make it easy to remember for your clients.