In their path là gì

A fierce fire is still raging through the forest, burning everything in its path (= as it moves forward).

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The Weather Service issues warnings khổng lồ people in the path of a hurricane (= in the area in which it is moving).

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By 1829, the facchini were once again roaming the streets in gangs, extorting "subsidies" from those unfortunate enough lớn cross their paths.
Secondly, my own data indicate that structural overlaps between languages can lead to variation in the acquisition paths at any cấp độ of the structural hierarchy.
Significant paths emerged for externalizing and internalizing symptoms; thus, the possibility of a moderating effect was examined only for these link.
First, it could serve as a basis for estimating whether one or more paths are required to explain the most extreme sự kiện in the trajectory.
Thus, nonsignificant paths were deleted from the Mã Sản Phẩm, star ting with the least significant paths first.
Accordingly, the paths between emotional insecurity & child psychological symptoms were subsequently estimated in the second stage of analyses.
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Các từ hay được sử dụng cùng với path.

It fails in finding any mistake & an alternative sầu path to the goal & concludes that the given instruction was incorrect.
For example, our hyperbolic discount factor is a function of absolute time, which supports the chosen path in a time-consistent way.
With respect khổng lồ the issue at h&, a rectilinear path is as compatible with kinematic geometry as is a circular path.
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In their path là gì

In their path là gì

In their path là gì

In their path là gì

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