Microsoft Managed Desktop setup

Get ready for enrollment in Microsoft Managed Desktop

In this article

These articles describe the steps you'll need to take in your organization to prepare for enrollment, including:

  • Checking that your environment meets key prerequisites
  • Configuring networks
  • Setting up certificates
  • Preparing your apps for inclusion in the service

Once you've run the readiness assessment tools, you can complete the other steps in any order or in parallel. Depending on your environment, some of the steps might not be relevant to you.

Microsoft Managed Desktop setup

  1. Review prerequisites for Microsoft Managed Desktop.
  2. Run readiness assessment tools.
  3. Buy Company Portal.
  4. Review prerequisites for guest accounts.
  5. Check network configuration.
  6. Prepare certificates and network profiles.
  7. Prepare user access to data.
  8. Prepare apps.
  9. Prepare mapped drives.
  10. Prepare printing resources.
  11. Address device names.