Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

This product is the perfect purchase for someone who cares just as much about the look of a fitness tracker as its fitness tracking abilities

This tracker finished very close to the top of the pack, right behind the Fitbit Charge 2 — our overall top scorer. The Charge 2 has a slightly more impressive set of fitness tracking capabilities, but isn't quite as ergonomic as the Gear Fit2 Pro. The Fit2 Pro tied with the Fitbit Blaze, with both of these quasi-smartwatch fitness trackers having the same overall score, with the Fit2's superior ergonomics and ease of use canceled out by the Blaze's better fitness tracking capabilities and more useful display.

Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Performance Comparison

To find out which fitness tracker is really worthy of the top title, we conducted extensive research, then bought all of the best products currently on the market. We then tested them side-by-side to find out which tracker truly topped them all. Our testing process was divided into five weighted rating metrics, with the Fit2's results described in the sections below.

Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

The Fit2 Pro was accurate at counting our steps.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Fitness Impact

By far the most heavily weighted metric of our testing process, Fitness Impact comprised 30% of the overall score for each tracker. To determine the scores for each product, we evaluated and compared how well each product tracked workouts and what kind of activities each one could track, as well as the accuracy of the step counter and if it calculated the number of flights of stairs climbed throughout the day. The Fit2 Pro delivered an overall impressive performance, earning it a 7 out of 10.

This product started off this metric with a strong showing in our step count accuracy test. To test this, we took each tracker on two, 1-mile walks — measured with a surveyor's wheel — and compared the count shown on the device to the true manual count, taken with a mechanical tally counter. The Fit2 Pro only deviated by 17 steps in the first trial and 6 in the second, putting it at an average discrepancy of only 0.54%. It also tracked distance very well, displaying an average distance of 0.995 miles for our walks.

This tracker continued to show a solid performance in our cycling workout tracking test, showing the top speed, average speed, distance, and duration of our ride. The recorded metrics matched up reasonably well with an iPhone running the Strava app, though we were a little disappointed that the Fit2 Pro doesn't track elevation changes.

The Gear Fit2 Pro does an excellent job at tracking other workouts as well. We particularly liked that it can auto-detect whatever workout you are doing — and usually does a stellar job at this — meaning that it will automatically start logging swimming or cycling stats if you start swimming or biking. This tracker will show distance, duration, workout calories, average and max speed, average and max heart rate, and a map — if using the GPS — for a walking workout. For running, it will show a similar set of specs, but will add in your cadence.

It also has a ton of other workout profiles, such as stationary bike, elliptical, step machine, lunges, crunches, pilates, yoga, and rowing machine, just to name a few. However, we did find that this tracker did an abysmal job at tracking the number of stairs climbed, failing to register any in our tests. After conducting some research, we discovered many other users complaining about the same issue, with many stating that it only started after a recent update. Hopefully, Samsung will address this issue in future updates, but for now, at least, we are quite disappointed in this tracker's stair tracking abilities.

The community compare features on this tracker aren't the best, only allowing you to compete with your friends in step challenges. There are also global step challenges that you can compete in, but there are many complaints in forums that these contests are frequently won by users with impossibly high step counts, causing them to allege cheating. However, you can always track your own progress and compete against yourself and your personal bests.

Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

The Fit2 Pro has nice visuals for reviewing your data.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Health Impact

This metric is the next most important, accounting for 25% of the total score. We based the scores for our Health Impact metric on the accuracy of the heart rate and sleep tracking abilities of each product, as well as how well it can help you maintain a diet or get motivated to get up and move. The Fit2 Pro did very well, meriting a 7 out of 10 for its performance.

To assess the accuracy of the heart rate sensor, we compared the Fit2 Pro to a chest strap monitor, both at rest and while working out. The Fit2 usually read a little on the lower side, but would eventually get a reading close to the true count. However, we found on average that there was a discrepancy of about 14.5 bpm from the chest strap heart rate monitor.

Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

The Fit2 Pro didn't have the most accurate HR monitor.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

When it comes to maintaining a diet, the Fit2 Pro can be quite helpful, allowing you to enter calorie intake right on the tracker itself. While you can't scan barcodes to automatically enter calorie data like the Fitbit app, you can tally your water and caffeine (coffee) intake on the tracker as well.

This product also does a solid job at reminding you to be active throughout the day, reminding you to get up and move if you have been sedentary for about 50 minutes. It will also suggest an exercise, such as torso twists.

The Fit2 does a decent job of tracking sleep, though it only relies on movement data and not heart rate data to determine how "efficiently" you slept. This tracking starts automatically. We also liked that you can set the tracker to "Do Not Disturb" mode, so the backlight won't illuminate inadvertently when you wear it in bed. This product also has a vibration alarm clock that is tied to your phone's alarm clock.

Ease of Use

Responsible for 20% of the overall score, this metric comes next in terms of importance. We looked at the battery life of each wearable and its water resistance, as well as how much work it is to navigate the menus and to put on the device. We also looked at how well the tracker synced data with the app and how easy and intuitive it is to navigate through each tracker's companion smartphone app. The Fit2 Pro scored quite well, meriting an 8 out of 10 for its performance.

While this fitness tracker overall did well, it started off with a rather poor performance in our battery life tests. It is claimed to last 3-4 days and 9 hours when using GPS. We found it also depletes much faster when the heart rate sensor is enabled or by how many notifications you received. We found it would last a little more than a day with typical to heavy use, but we would just plan on charging this tracker every night if you didn't want to use sleep tracking or topping it off just before bed to make sure it lasts through the night if you are using the sleep tracking abilities.

It syncs with your smartphone relatively well, only taking between 2-10 seconds. The app isn't terribly easy to navigate, as there are actually multiple apps that interface with this tracker. The Samsung Gear app is where you can download new watch faces, apps for the Fit2 Pro, or see other information on the device. The Samsung Health app is where you can see your health stats and other fitness information, as well as challenge your friends.

Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

This tracker can automatically track your sleep and exercises, like walking.

This watch is water resistant to 5 ATM and is very easy to put on. The interface is very easy to follow, just swiping in different directions to access different menus — a process that you quickly become accustomed to.

Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

We felt this model was comfortable to wear all day.

Credit: Austin Palmer


To evaluate the Ergonomics of each tracker, we looked at how comfortable it is to wear for long periods of time, its overall aesthetics, and the profile of each fitness band. The Gear Fit2 Pro again delivered an exceptional performance in this metric, accounting for 15% of the total, receiving a 7 out of 10 for its showing.

This tracker is quite comfortable to wear, with a smooth silicone wristband and a curved profile that reasonably matches the profile of most people's wrists. This also has the added benefit of allowing you to wear the Fit2 Pro a little looser and still get a heart rate reading, compared to some of the other models.

Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

The Fit2 Pro has an eye-catching design.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman

This fitness tracker undeniably has eye-catching aesthetics, especially with its large, curved screen. It also has a very slim profile, complementing its already sleek and stylish design.

Đánh giá samsung gear fit 2 pro năm 2024

The Fit2 Pro has an awesome vivid display that is really easy to read.

Credit: Jenna Ammerman


For the finale of our testing process, we looked at the display of each tracker, as well as what information is shown on it. This metric is worth the final 10% of the score, with the Fit2 Pro earning an 8 out of 10.

This tracker lets you put custom watch faces on it, allowing you to customize what it shows to match your personal preferences. Most will show the date and time, as well as a handful of other basic stats. The display is clear and easy to read, even in bright conditions, with an "Outdoor" mode that will max out the brightness on the display for five minutes, then revert to what it was set at to conserve battery life.

The Gear Fit2 Pro can receive tons of smart notifications — essentially it can receive any that your phone can receive. Further displays from the home screen — which can be accessed by swiping — show your current tallies for steps, stairs climbed, calories, and your activity log for the day.


For a fitness tracker, the Fit2 Pro isn't the best value, as it is priced accordingly with its top-notch performance. However, it shares many features of a smartwatch, such as offline music and smart notifications, and retails for much less, making it an attractive option if you are searching for smartwatch-esque functions on a budget.


All in all, the Fit2 Pro is a premium fitness tracker that excelled in the vast majority of our tests. While it couldn't quite clinch an award, it is still an excellent product that is a great choice if you are looking for features that are typically only found in a fully-fledged smartwatch.