Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

I am loving innisfree products – both skincare and makeup 🙂 Ever since I had a good experience with their Green Tea line (see Green Tea Seed Cream review here), I couldn’t wait to try their anti-aging Orchid line and there is no better time than now. Saw this 15th anniversary set (limited edition) and just had to buy it instantly!

Brand: innisfree Product: 15th anniversary set (limited edition) Orchid Enriched Cream 50ml Orchid Intense Cream 20ml Orchid Hand Cream 35ml Price: SGD43 (or USD29) Type: Moisturizer, Hand Cream Origin: Made in Korea Website:  innisfree 15th anniversary page


Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

Comes in a 15th anniversary special box 🙂 This is sold at the price of 1 full-size Orchid Enriched Cream, so consider the mini Intense Cream and full-size Hand Cream to be bonus gifts

Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

Love the purple. So gorgeous.

Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

Their usual 50ml plastic tub design for innisfree moisturizers.

Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

Orchid Intense Cream is also sold at full-size 50ml but this limited set comes with 20ml mini tub. Not bad at all considering almost half of the original product, and I always find sample or mini packaging so cute!


From the Orchid Line brochure:

“Jeju Orchid has the amazing vitality to blossom in severe winter condition and through years of research and development, it is formulated into Orchid Elixir. An excellent antioxidant, the Orchid Elixir works together with functional skin-activating ingredients to rejuvenate tired, aging skin and to restore its natural self-defense power. This results in healthy skin with a radiant glow.”

About Orchid Elixir:

“According to a chapter on Prescribing Natural Medicines in the Eastern medical encyclopedia titled Donguibogam in Korean, the orchid moisturizes the skin and clears blockage stacked up inside the body over time. Among 60 kinds of orchid native to Jeju, AmorePacific R&D Centre has chosen Jeju Cold Growing Orchid due to its great antioxidant effects. The previous Orchid Elixir is then obtained through a hot-water extraction process”.

Wow, Jeju Cold Growing Orchid. I saw the TV commercial on this line and they featured this plant surviving in harsh winter snows. Kudos to AmorePacific R&D Centre, I have no doubts on their research capabilities XD

Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

Enriched Cream = Total anti-aging care. Moist cream texture. For normal to dry skin.

Intense Cream = Intensive aging care. Nutrient rich cream texture. For very dry skin.

Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

You can see the Enriched Cream is more of a gel-like texture similar to Green Tea Seed Cream; and the Intense Cream is a white richer cream which is signature texture for drier skin. Both are easily blendable and quickly absorbed into the skin.

Comparing Orchid Enriched Cream (anti aging) vs Green Tea Seed Cream (deep moisturizing), the Orchid one is slightly richer and thicker which I expected because typical anti-aging lines are richer in texture than pure moisturizing ones.

And oh, the scent! Love love love. There is just something so refreshing about innisfree cream scents. I typically don’t like fragrance as an ingredient but am not so concerned as there is the innisfree 5-free system! Free of parabens, artificial coloring, mineral oil, animal raw material, and ethanol.


Innisfree jeju orchid intense cream review năm 2024

I love the purple tube and the fact it has SPF 15 PA+. Very pleasant scent as expected. But nothing over-the-top-amazing for me as I have tried more moisturizing hand creams from Loccitane or Crabtree & Evelyn. So this will probably be more like a normal hand cream that I use as back-up.

Is Innisfree orchid cream good?

This product works really well for me and makes my skin feel super smooth and hydrated. I use it as a night cream. I highly recommend it to anyone who has extremely dry skin. It's a bit pricey but I find that I don't have to use a lot since it is very rich and concentrated.

What is Innisfree Jeju orchid skin for?

The powerful anti-aging skin formulated with the vitality of Jeju orchid for wrinkle correction, elasticity, skin tone, moisturization, and pore care. Orchidelixir™, a substance acquired from the Jeju orchid, is a powerful antioxidant that makes dry skin radiant and strengthens the skin's defense em.

What is Jeju orchid enriched cream for?

Best for dry skin, this cream penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to plump it up, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and leaving it smoother, brighter and healthier. Use after your cleansing, toning and essence regime.

What are the benefits of Innisfree orchid?

It quenches skin with hydration and nourishment while supporting a look of firmness, elasticity, and tone. It's made with an antioxidant-rich orchid from Jeju Island, South Korea, making it highly effective in diminishing visible signs of aging.