Bài tập collocation phần 3 có đáp án năm 2024

Question 1. I get quite depressed when I think about the damage we are _____ to the environment. A. having B. taking C. making D. causing

Question 2. Unfortunately, we’ve made _____.

  1. little progress B. a few progresses C. little progresses D. few progress Question 3. I stayed there with her for a while before I left.
  1. in the difficult time B. whenever she needed me
  1. for relaxation D. for a short period of time

Question 4. I am glad that we see eye to eye on the matter of the conference location. A. dislike B. agree C. disagree D. approve

Question 5. Although the new library service has been very successful, its future is _____ certain. A. by all means B. by any chance C. at any rate D. by no means Question 6. The hall was very crowded with over a hundred people _____into it. A. stuck B. packed C. pushed D. stuffed

Question 7. The move into a different environment brought about a significant _____ in my cousin’s state of mind.

  1. influence B. impact C. change D. effect

Question 8. In order to avoid boredom, the most important thing is to keep oneself _____. A. occupation B. occupied C. occupant D. occupation Question 9. The human criterion for perfect vision is 20/20for reading the standard lines on Snellen eye chart without a hitch.

  1. unaided B. without glasses C. with little hesitation D. easily Question 10. Cynthia was on edge all day about the important presentation she had to give to the local citizen group.
  1. nervous and excited B. doing well C. satisfied D. working hard Question 11. After running up the stairs, I was _____ breath.
  1. away from B. without C. no D. out of

Question 12. I’ve never really enjoyed going to the ballet or the opera; they are not really my _____. A. piece of cake B. sweets and candy C. biscuit D. cup of tea Question 13. The players’ protests _____ no difference to the referee’s decision at all. A. did B. made C. caused D. created

Question 14. In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye _____ with the interviewer. A. link B. connection C. touch D. contact

Question 15. The poor child is in floods of _____ because of his bicycle had been stolen. A. tears B. sorrow C. sadness D. upset

Question 16. _____ her inexperience, the failure to secure the contact was not surprising. A. By virtue of B. With regard to C. In view of D. In recognition of Question 17. During the medieval period, people were made public _____ of being witches. A. complaint B. criminal C. trouble D. accusation Question 18. That disable boy’s victory is the race set the _____ example to all students in the school. A. finest B. first class C. rarest D. made convenient Question 19. Thanks to the help of the teacher, she is _____ encouraging progress in math. A. doing B. making C. checking D. stopping

Question 20. She’s down-to-earth woman with no pretensions.

  1. ambitious B. creative C. idealistic D. practical

Question 21. There has been a hot debate among the scientists relating to the pros-and-cons of using robotic probes to study distant objects in space.

  1. problems and solutions B. advantages and disadvantages C. solutions and limitations D. causes and effect

Question 22. Poaching _____ the greatest threat to many species.

  1. creates B. presents C. poses D. produces

Question 23. The tigers _____ of extinction. It is difficult to find them in the wild. A. on the wing B. on the rocks C. on the verge D. on the ground Question 24. It is not always easy to _____ the difference between fact and opinion.



  1. make B. say C. do D. tell




English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 25. In my _____, freedom of the press must be maintained.

  1. mind B. sight C. view D. thought

Question 26. The issue _____ question is more complex than you think.

  1. in B. from C. on D. at

Question 27. The situation got out of hand when the festival organisers couldn’t foresee that the mob would get angry because they were stopped from taking the offerings.

  1. hard to complete B. difficult to control
  1. impossible to find D. unlikely to happen

Question 28. Once you have been accepted as a pupil or students at the school or college, it’s the law for them to discriminate against you because of your religion or belief.

  1. in B. for C. out of D. against

Question 29. Integration and assimilation can help reduce feelings of loss and grief as the migrants start to incorporate aspects of the majority culture.

  1. disadvantage B. disapproval C. discrimination D. sadness

Question 30. He said he was only joking, but his comments were so close to the bone. A. annoying B. offensive C. personal D. respectful

Question 31. Ten million text messages are sent on _____ every minute.

  1. account B. average C. common D. general

Question 32. Unluckily, David’s dangerous and incredible journey in search of the Blue Fairy is in _____. A. advance B. danger C. end D. vain

Question 33. Most scientists believe that the day when robots become part of our lives will come _____. A. from time to time B. more or less C. sooner or later D. later than never Question 34 Researchers have _____ to the conclusion that your personality is affected by your genes. A. arrived B. come C. got D. reached

Question 35. The telescope will photograph distant galaxies, _____ attempt to understand their past. A. in B. for C. on D. with

Question 36. It is likely that artificial intelligence might decide to _____ an end to humanity simply because it surpasses human intelligence.

  1. come B. make C. put D. take

Question 37. I don’t think people should be allowed to _____ experiments on animals. A. create B. make C. perform D. produce

Question 38. Many materials have been used for _____ teeth, including wood.

  1. artificial B. hand-made C. false D. natural

Question 39. A.I. techniques help medical doctors to discover subtle interactions between medications that put patients in jeopardy because of their serious side effects.

  1. at risk B. in reality C. under control D. under pressure Question 40. The purpose of running a business is to make a _____.
  1. service B. profit C. money D. contribution Question 41. She is doing well so she was promoted last year. Now she’s in charge of a small team of 4 people.
  1. controls B. supervises C. takes over D. rules

Question 42. I’ve been working here for over ten years now and I’m on first name term with everyone, even the CEO.

  1. getting on B. happy
  1. have an informal/friendly relationship D. satisfied

Question 43. Janes used to be very excellent as a child and now she’s the CEO of a big multi-national company. However, her brother is a blue-collar worker in a small local factory.

  1. mental B. low-paid C. manual D. regular

Question 44. When applying for a certain job, you’ll be ay an advantage if you have hands-on experience.

  1. relevant B. prior C. practical D. considerable Question 45. When the factory closed, over a hundred people were made redundant. A. fired B. sacked C. laid off D. appointed

Question 46. I am writing in _____ to you advertisement on Vietnamwork.com for the post of a personal assistant.

  1. connection B. association C. relation D. response




Question 47. I’d like to speak to the person in _____ please.



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

  1. duty B. responsibility C. obligation D. charge

Question 48. I would be grateful for an opportunity to visit your company and discuss my application with you _____.

  1. in privacy B. individually C. privately D. in person

Question 49. Like many young people today, I’m thinking about taking a year _____ first, or as people often say, spending a year at “the university of life.”

  1. off B. away C. out D. at

Question 50. The atmosphere at work was so bad that Brian eventually decided to hand in his notice. A. notify the boss B. apply for another job C. give up his job D. be given a better job

Question 51. My boss has a reputation for being such a slave driver.

  1. working overtime B. working excessively hard
  1. being slave to work D. making his staff to work hard

Question 52. We want to recruit the brightest and the best. If you think you fit the bill fill in an application form today.

  1. are able to pay the bill B. are suitable
  1. are on the right size D. are excellent

Question 53. I’d go mad if I had to do a dead-end job like working on a supermarket checkout. A. demanding B. monotonous C. fascinating D. boring

Question 54. Steve _____ his chances of passing by spending too much time on the first question. A. threw away B. threw in C. threw of D. threw out

Question 55. After congratulating his team, the coach left, allowing the players to let their _____ down for a while.

  1. hearts B. hair C. souls D. heads

Question 56. Making mistake is all _____ of growing up.

  1. bits and bobs B. odds and ends C. part and parcel D. top and bottom Question 57. The judge _____ murderer to a lifetime imprisonment.
  1. prosecuted B. sentenced C. convicted D. accused

Question 58. Alice said: “That guy is _____ gorgeous. I wish he would ask me out.” A. dead-centre B. drop shot C. jumped-up D. drop-dead Question 59. The situation seems to be changing minute _____ minute.

  1. by B. to C. and D. in

Question 60. Jose had a hard time comparing the iPhone to the Samsung phone because to him they were apples and oranges.

  1. containing too many technical details B. very similar
  1. completely different D. very complicated

Question 61. The party leader travelled the length and _____ of the country in an attempt to spread his message.

  1. width B. distance C. diameter D. breadth

Question 62. Vietnam U23 made not only Saia but also Europe keep a close eye on them. They _____ internationally.

  1. have made headlines B. had made headlines
  1. have done headlines D. did headlines

Question 63. If we didn’t _____ any measures to protect whales, they would disappear forever. A. use B. make C. take D. do

Question 64. It is the _____ of stupidity to go walking in the mountains in this weather. A. height B. depth C. source D. matter

Question 65. The works of such men as the English philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes help pave the way for academic freedom in the modern sense.

  1. terminate B. prevent C. enhance D. incorporate Question 66. Since the death of Laura’s father, her mother has become a breadwinner to support the family.
  1. a person who bakes bread every morning B. a bakery owner
  1. a person who delivers bread to make money
  1. a person who goes out to work to earn money

Question 67. Peter is the black sheep of the family, so he is never welcomed there. 3



  1. a beloved member B. a bad and embarrassing membera


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

  1. the only child D. the eldest child

Question 68. Both universities speak _____ of the programme of student exchange and hope to cooperate more in the future.

  1. highly B. quickly C. rapidly D. fast

Question 69. On hearing that she failed the entrance exam, Trang couldn’t help _____ into tears. A. bursting B. burst C. to bursting D. to burst

Question 70. She didn’t enjoy her first year at college because she failed to _____ her new friends. A. come in for B. look down on C. go down with D. get on with Question 71. The world work is developing quickly. If you don’t self-learn continuously, we will no _____ social movements.

  1. put up with B. keep up with C. get on with D. deal with

Question 72. He has been waiting for this letter for days, and at _____ it has come. A. the end B. last C. the moment D. present

Question 73. There’s a list of repairs as long as _____.

  1. your arm B. a pole C. your arms D. a mile

Question 74. I tried to talk to her, but she was as high as a _____.

  1. kite B. house C. sky D. wall

Question 75. The jury _____ her compliments _____ her excellent knowledge of the subject. A. returned/to B. paid/to C. returned/on D. paid/on

Question 76. You may note down your qualifications and experience that can relate to the job. A. put down B. hold down C. draw down D. jot down

Question 77. Many large corporations will be wiped out and millions of jobs will be lost. A. escalated B. erased C. threatened D. eradicated

Question 78. On the whole, the rescue mission was well executed.

  1. In fact B. In particular C. At once D. In general Question 79. It’s difficult to tell him to give in because he is so big-headed.
  1. wise B. generous C. modest D. arrogant

Question 80. With this type of insurance, you’re buying _____ of mind.

  1. peace B. satisfaction C. calmness D. contentment Question 81. We’re over the _____! Who wouldn’t be? We’ve just won £1 million. A. planets B. clouds C. stars D. moon

Question 82. Of course you’ll pass. You write well and you have an excellent _____ of the subject. A. grip B. seizure C. grasp D. embrace

Question 83. I told you clearly and definitely not to write your answers in pencil, Tom. A. considerably B. thoroughly C. altogether D. specifically Question 84. As a newspaper reporter, she always wanted to get information at first hand. A. indirectly B. directly C. easily D. slowly

Question 85. Could you _____ me a lift into town?

  1. give B. get C. do D. make

Question 86. Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May was the first world leader to pay a _____ Trump at the White House after his inauguration last year.

  1. visited B. visiting C. visit to D. visit

Question 87. Vietnam reached the semi-finals of the AFC U23 Championship2018 with a penalty shootout win _____ Iraq On Saturday, January 20th.

  1. over B. with C. against D. in

Question 88. If we use robots instead of humans, many people may be out of work. A. employed B. jobless C. inemployed D. unemployed Question 89. It was no accident that he broke my glasses. He did it _____ purpose. A. with B. on C. by D. about

Question 90. I read the contract again _____ avoiding making spelling mistakes. A. in terms of B. by means of C. with a view to D. in view of

Question 91. It’s no use talking to me about metaphysics. It’s a closed book to me. A. a subject that I don’t understand B. a theme that I like to discuss

  1. a book that is never opened D. an object that I really love

Question 92. Her outgoing character contrasts _____ with that of her sister.

  1. thoroughly B. fully C. sharply D. coolly




Question 93. Learning Spanish isn’t difficult once you _____.



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

  1. get away with it B. get off it C. get down to it D. get on it

Question 94. Please don’t _____a word of this to anyone else, it’s highly confidential. A. speak B. pass C. mutter D. breathe

Question 95. You never really know where you are with her as she just blows hot and cold. A. keeps going B. keeps taking things

  1. keep changing her mood D. keep testing

Question 96. - “Edward seems like a dog with two tails this morning.”

- ”Haven’t you heard the news? His wife gave birth a baby boy early this morning.” A. extremely happy B. extremely disappointed

  1. exhausted D. very proud

Question 97. Ann always made _____ in everything she has done.

  1. fit B. perfect C. good D. excellent

Question 98. In spite of his poverty, he led a devoted life to the revolutionary _____. A. aim B. goal C. cause D. reason

Question 99. She simply took it for granted that the check was good and did not ask him any question about it.

  1. permitted it B. accepted it without investigation C. objected to it D. looked it over

Question 100. My uncle was _____ ill last summer; however, fortunately, he is now making a slow but steady recovery.

  1. seriously B. deeply C. fatally D. critically

Question 101. This is _____ the most difficult job I’ve ever had to do.

  1. by chance B. by myself C. by far D. by heart

Question 102. Before the mid-nineteenth century, people in the United States ate most food only _____ season.

  1. in B. out C. out of D. along

Question 103. Josh may get into hot water when driving at full speed drinking. A. get into trouble B. stay safe C. fall into disuse D. remain calm Question 104. Through he had known about it well in _____, he pretended to be surprised at having a birthday party.

  1. advance B. addition C. contrast D. general

Question 105. Thomas knows Paris like the back of his _____. He used to be a taxi driver there for 2 years.

  1. head B. mind C. hand D. life

Question 106. In a modern family, the husband is expected to join hands with his wife to _____ the household chores.

  1. do B. make C. run D. take

Question 107. While everyone else in this class prefers working in groups, Alice likes working _____. A. on her own B. of her own C. on herself D. in herself

Question 108. Reaching 35 and obviously aging, Jane has to make up her mind on her future very soon.

  1. give a thought about B. pay attention to
  1. prepare a plan for D. make a decision on

Question 109. –“Well, cats are very good at catching mice around the house.” –“_____.” A. Nothing more to say B. You can say that again

  1. Yes, I hope so D. No, dogs are very good too.

Question 110. My wife was so keen on the picture that she paid through her _____ for it. A. eyes B. ears C. head D. nose

Question 111. She _____ him for her father’s death.

  1. accused B. charged C. complained D. blamed

Question 112. He left the country _____ arrest if he returned.

  1. in fear of B. under threat of C. with fear of D. with threat of Question 113. He was a natural singer with a voice that was as clear as _____.
  1. a bell B. a mirror C. a waterfall D. a lake

Question 114. He may be shy now, but he will soon come out of his _____ when he meets the right





  1. shoe B. hole C. shed D. shell



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 115. It’s not easy to make Lisa furious. The girl is very gentle by _____. A. herself B. nature C. personality D. reaction

Question 116. The human criterion for perfect vision is 20/20 for reading the standard line on a Snellen eye chart _____ a hitch.

  1. without B. with C. on D. of

Question 117. Although the teacher has done his best to help all students, none of them made any effort on their part.

  1. made B. tried C. attempted D. taken

Question 118. Sarah goes to the theatre once in a _____ moon.

  1. red B. green C. blue D. light

Question 119. Dr. Evans has _____ a valuable contribution to the life of the school. A. done B. created C. caused D. made

Question 120. Sportsmen _____ their political differences on the sports fields.

  1. take part B. put aside C. take place D. put apart

Question 121. Looking down at the coral reef, we saw _____ of tiny, multi-coloured fish. A. teams B. flocks C. shoals D. swarms

Question 122. A bridge must be strong enough to support its own weight _____ the weight of the people and vehicles that use it.

  1. as far as B. as long as C. so well as D. as well as

Question 123. When finding a new house, parents should _____ all the conditions for their children’s education and entertainment.

  1. take into accountB. take actions C. put pressure D. put up with Question 124. You have to be on your toes if you want to beat her.
  1. pay all attention to what you are doing B. upset he in what she is doing C. get involved in what she is doing D. make her comply with your orders Question 125. In _____ age of computers, it is difficult to imagine how tedious work of accountants and clerks must have been in the past.
  1. that B. the C. this D. its

Question 126. Since he failed his exam, he had to _____ for it again.

  1. pass B. make C. take D. sit

Question 127. John paid $2 for his meal, _____ he had thought it would cost.

  1. not as much B. not so much as C. less at D. not so many as Question 128. It is very important for a firm or a company to keep _____ the changes of the market. A. pace of B. track about C. touch with D. up with

Question 129. I am sure you’ll have no _____ the exam.

  1. difficulty passing B. difficulties to pass C. difficulty to pass D. difficulties of passing Question 130. My brother left his job last week because he did not have any _____ to travel. A. position B. chance C. ability D. location

Question 131. The noise from the nearby factory kept me _____.

  1. awake B. awakened C. waking D. woken

Question 132. Make sure you _____ us a visit when you are in town again.

  1. pay B. have C. give D. do

Question 133. I used to run a mile before breakfast but now I am _____.

  1. not used to it B. no longer practice it
  1. of out practice D. out of the habit

Question 134. The government is determined to _____ terrorism.

  1. put the stop to B. put stop to C. put stops to D. put a stop to Question 135. Liquid milk is usually pasteurized in order to kill bacteria for a longer _____. A. expectancy B. production C. living D. shelf life

Question 136. The majority of people accept that modern drugs are the most effective way to cure a(n) _____.

  1. sicken B. illness C. symptom D. treatment

Question 137. We are going to build a fence around the field with _____ to breeding sheep and castle. A. a goal B. an outlook C. a reason D. a view

Question 138. The meeting didn’t _____ until late.

  1. end up B. break up C. come about D. fall through




Question 139. Fiona is very angry _____ her boss’ decision to sack several members of a staff.a


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

  1. against B. by C. for D. about

Question 140. When his parents are away, his oldest brother _____.

  1. knocks it off B. calls the shots C. draws the line D. is in the same boat Question 141. I am glad I was able to be there for my friend when her mom died. A. to offer support in time of need for B. to cry with
  1. to travel with D. to visit

Question 142. When you consider all the advantages you’ve gained I think you’ll admit you had a good _____ for your money.

  1. profit B. benefit C. run D. term

Question 143. The teacher at this school _____ with flu one after another.

  1. went down B. went off C. went out D. went under Question 144. Can I _____ our brain for a moment? I can’t do this crossword by myself. A. use B. have C. mind D. pick

Question 145. The detective was asked to probe into the mysterious disappearance of the painting. A. investigate B. procure C. recover D. relinquish

Question 146. The piece of work is urgent and must be done _____ delay.

  1. with B. no C. not D. without

Question 147. These machines are older models and have to be operated by hand. A. mechanically B. manually C. automatically D. spiritually

Question 148. Toxic chemical from factories are one of the serious factors that leads wildlife to the _____ of extinction.

  1. wall B. fence C. verge D. bridge

Question 149. When old Mr. Barnaby died, several people _____ their claim to the substantial legacy he left.

  1. placed B. drew C. assumed D. laid

Question 150. Hearing about people who mistreat animals makes me go hot under the _____. A. chin B. collar C. sleeves D. vest

Question 151. You look really tired. You could _____ a week’s holiday, I think.

  1. do with B. make for C. pass for D. make with

Question 152. The local press has been pouring _____ on the mayor for dissolving the council. A. scorn B. blame C. disapproval D. hatred

Question 153. Quite soon, the world’s going to _____ energy resources.

  1. get into B. run out of C. keep up with D. come up against Question 154. I know you are upset about breaking up with Tom, but there are plenty more _____. A. horses in the stableB. cows in the shed C. tigers in the jungle D. fish in the sea Question 155. It’s no good pretending; you’ve got to _____ reality.
  1. get down to B. bargain for C. come up against D. face up to Question 156. It was so foggy that the driver couldn’t _____ the traffic signs.
  1. break out B. keep out C. make out D. take out

Question 157. I’ll have to go to the funeral of Ms. Jane, a _____ of mine.

  1. heart to heart B. body and soul C. flesh and blood D. skin and bones Question 158. I’m sorry you’ve decided not to go with us on the river trip, but _____ you change your mind, there will still be enough room on the boat for you.
  1. in the event that B. nevertheless C. even though D. provided that Question 159. There were so many members of the political party who had gone against the leader that he resigned.
  1. apposed B. insisted C. invited D. opposed

Question 160. Although Mike graduated with a good degree, he joined the _____ of the unemployed. A. ranks B. queues C. lines D. forces

Question 161. The food was so delicious that I had a second _____.

  1. plate B. serving C. helping D. time

Question 162. David was narrowly defeated and blew his own chances of becoming a champion. A. missed B. lost C. flew D. run

Question 163. His success lay in natural ability, not in his determination to _____ personal goals. A. follow B. pursue C. seeks D. do

Question 164. My father is getting old and forgetful. _____, he is experienced and helpful. 7



  1. Be that as it may B. Regardless C. Lest D. Consequentlya


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 165. I’m not going to go ice skating! I’d only fall over and _____ a fool of myself. A. create B. show C. do D. make

Question 166. Silence _____ the theatre as the audience awaited the opening curtain with expectation and excitement.

  1. fell in with B. came between C. hung over D. dropped out of Question 167. When the kids asked him about his girlfriend, he’d go red as a _____. A. tomato B. chili C. strawberry D. beetroot

Question 168. As orders are becoming more and more, we’ve been rushed off our feet all week. A. very angry B. very busy C. very worried D. very happy Question 169. The minister came under fire for his rash decision to close the factory. A. was dismissed B. was acclaimed C. was criticized D. was penalized Question 170. “What I’ve got to say to you now is strictly _____ the record and most certainly not for publication.”

  1. in B. on C. off D. out

Question 171. I can’t give you the answer on the _____; I’ll have to think about it for a few days. A. place B. minute C. scene D. spot

Question 172. I find myself _____ a loss to understand Harold’s behavior.

  1. at B. in C. out D. for

Question 173. Someone is going to have to take responsibility for this disaster. Who’s going to _____. A. foot the bill B. carry the can C. hatch the chicken D. catch the worms Question 174. When the police arrived, the thieves _____ to flight leaving all stolen things behind. A. brought B. took C. made D. did

Question 175. My friend is good at mimicking people. He _____ a great impression of Charlie Chaplin. A. made B. did C. took D. gave

Question 176. You can ask Martin anything about history. He actually has quite a good _____ for facts. A. head B. ability C. knowledge D. understanding Question 177. It was such a sad film that we all were reduced _____ tears at the end. A. with B. onto C. to D. into

Question 178. The baby can’t even sit up yet, _____ stand and walk.

  1. but for B. let alone C. all but D. rather than. Question 179. Unfortunately, the injury may keep him out of football _____ . He may ever play again. A. for good B. now and then C. once in a while D. every so often Question 180. I used to _____ reading comics, but now I’ve grown out of it.
  1. take a fancy to B. keep an eye on C. get a kick out of D. kick up a fuss about Question 181: Little Deon: "This herb smells horrible, mommy!”

Mommy: "_______, it will do you a power of good,”

  1. Come what may B. By the by C. What is more D. Be that as it may Question 182: You should take out insurance _______ your house from any possible damage. Earthquakes sometimes occur here.
  1. on B. in C. for D. at

Question 183: The children were full of beans today, looking forward to their field trip. A. eating a lot B. hyperactive C. melancholy D. lively and in high spirits Question 184: Sometimes in a bad situation, there may still be some good things. Try not to "throw out the_______ with the bathwater”.

  1. fish B. duck C. baby D. child Question 185: There are so many _______ names now that it is impossible to remember them all. A. brand B. model C. trademark D. logo Question 186: The government has launched a new road safety campaign in an _______ to reduce the number of road accidents.
  1. attempt B. effort C. try D. allowance Question 187: How many people do you know who are _______ medication to prevent anxiety or depression?
  1. in B. on C. at D. off

Question 188: My cousin was nervous about being interviewed on television, but he _______to the occasion wonderfully.

  1. raised B. rose C. fell D. faced




Question 189: Wendy is on the_______ of a dilemma: she just wonders whether to go for a picnic with a


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

her friends or to stay at home with her family.

  1. horns B. corns C. torns D. forns Question 190: His girlfriend’s behavior at the party was _______, which made everyone there shocked. A. out of practice B. out of line C. out of the habit D. out of sight Question 191: At every faculty meeting, Ms. Volatie always manages to put her foot in her mouth. A. move rapidly B. trip over her big feet C. fall asleep D. say the wrong thing Question 192: Thanks to her regular workouts and sensible diet she certainly trikes me as in the pink. A. in absolute health B. in good health C. in clear health D. in extreme health Question 193: If you are at a loose end this weekend, I will show you around the city. A. free B. confident C. occupied D. reluctant Question 194: "She is an excellent actress!” "You_______ again!"
  1. can say that B. may say it C. say it D. say that Question 195: "Do you know who else is going to be running for governor?"

“_______ that Mr. Jones is planning to."

  1. Word is it B. Word has it C. Word has D. The words are Question 196: That the genetic differences make one race superior to another is nothing but a tall story.
  1. cynical B. unbelievable C. untrue D. exaggeration Question 197: You should accept the Nokia mobile phone as a 16-birthday present from your parents delightedly. Don't_______.
  1. look gift horse in the mouth B. buy it through the nose
  1. pull my leg D. take it for granted

Question 198: He built up a successful business but it was all done_______ of his health. A. at the price B. by the expense C. at all cost D. at the expense Question 199: Are you certain that you are cut out for that kind of job?

  1. are determined to take B. don't want to take C. are offered D. have the necessary skills for

Question 200: I'd love to come, but I am snowed_______ at the moment.

  1. under B. out C. at D. about Question 201: I am gripped with a fever whenever a new year is coming.
  1. I feel disappointed B. I am excited C. I get upset D. I have got a temperature Question 202: Failing to submit the proposal on time_______ was for Tom.
  1. A real kick in the pants B. an open and shut case
  1. a shot in the dark D. a nail in the coffin

Question 203: They always kept on good _______ with their next- door neighbors for the children's sake.

  1. relations B. terms C. will D. relationship Question 204: By happenstance, the number of people at the first New York show equaled the entire car population of the United States at that time.
  1. by chance B. by mistake C. by accident D. all are correct Question 205: If you are tired of books on happiness, you may prefer books which give step-by-step instructions on how to redecorate or enlarge a house.
  1. little by little B. gradually C. slower and slower D. both A and B are correct Question 206: Like everyone else, Sue has her_______ of course but on the whole, she's quite satisfied with life.
  1. ups and downs B. ins and outs C. safe and sound D. odds and ends Question 207: Make sure you _________ _______ your assignment before you go to bed. A. have B. do C. take D. make Question 208: Mr. Peter is the big_______ in the company as he has just been promoted to the position of Managing Director.
  1. bread B. meat C. cheese D. apple Question 209: Of course an encyclopedia is not a book you read_______.
  1. from the start to the stop B. from cover to cover
  1. from the top to the end D. from page by page

Question 210: At times, I look at him and wonder what is going on in his mind.



  1. sometimes B. always C. hardly D. neverg



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 211: The weather is going to change soon; I feel it in my _______.

  1. body B. legs C. skin D. bones Question 212: She was _______disappointed when she learned that she was turned down for the post. A. gravely B. bitterly C. highly D. fully Question 213: She nearly lost her own life_______ attempting to save the child from drowning. A. at B. with C. in D. for Question 214: Applications should be submitted at least eight weeks in advance of the session in which the student wishes to enroll.
  1. into B. after the end of C. on either side of D. prior to Question 215: The telephone rang and interrupted his _______ of thought.
  1. train B. line C. chain D. series Question 216: Minh was so frightened that he was shaking like_______.
  1. a flag B. a leaf C. jelly D. the wind Question 217: They have the same language, but in other respects they are as different as_______. A.cats and dogs salt and pepper B. chalk and cheese
  1. salt and pepper D. here and there

Question 218: I usually buy my clothes_______. It is cheaper than going to the dress maker. A. on the house B. off the peg C. in public D. on the shelf Question 219: It takes her 20 minutes to get ready.

  1. to prepare B. to wake up C. to go D. to get up Question 220: The smell of the sea _______ his childhood.

A.took him in B. took after C. took him back to D. took it for granted Question 221: We are _______no obligation to change goods which were not purchased here. A.to B. with C. at D. under Question 222: Nothing_______ the ordinary ever happens here.

  1. about B. out of C. from D. in

Question 223: Despite all the interruptions, he_ with his work.

  1. pressed on B. held on C. stuck at D. hung out Question 224: Many a_______ it difficult to avoid the interference of mass media in their life. A. pop star find B. pop star finds C. poop stars find D. pop stars finds Question 225: All candidates will be treated equally, _______ of their age or background. A. irrelevant B. discounting C. notwithstanding D. irrespective Question 226: He tried to limit himself to _10 cigarettes a day.
  1. be smoking B. have smoked C. smoke D. smoking Question 227: You should study hard to _ your classmates.
  1. catch sight of B. feel like C. get in touch with D. keep pace with Question 228: The medical community continues to_______ progress in the fight against cancer. A. speed B. make C. do D. take Question 229: Linda: "Thomas thinks he knows everything about dinosaur: ’ Jill:" _______" A. He's such a know-all. B. He knew a lot about dinosaurs. C. He knows enough. D. Everything he knows is all about dinosaurs Question 230: The new office block_______ well with its surroundings.
  1. blends in B. stands out C. shapes up D. sets off Question 231: After a great deal of questioning, he decided to come clean and tell the truth. A. admit B. confess C. agree D. deny Question 232: No matter how much pressure you put on Simon, he won’t budge a(n) _______. A. inch B. mile C. foot D. metre Question 233: We couldn't stay long, so we only wished Mark many happy_______of his birthday and hurried to the airport.
  1. days B. moments C. returns D. regards Question 234: Her family has gone to Edinburgh to pay their last_______ to uncle Bob, who died last week.
  1. sympathy B. love C. respects D. honors Question 235: I can accept criticism in general, but Martin ______it too far, so I had no other option but to show my disapproval.


  1. pushed B. carried C. made D. put




Question 236: Jeans like this may have been fashionable in the 60's, but now they are_______ the a


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen


  1. out of B. under C. over D. behind Question 237: I take my hat off to all those people who worked hard to get the contract. A. Encourage B. congratulate C. respect D. welcome Question 238: I was glad when he said that his car was_______.
  1. For my use B. at my disposal C. for me use D. at my use Question 239: _______ the exception_______ the little baby, everybody in my family has to jog every morning.
  1. With/to B. With /of C. In / of D. By / of Question 240: He always takes full _______ of the mistake by these competitors. A benefit B. advantage C. profit D. advice Question 241: On hearing the news she fainted and it was half an hour before she_______ again. A. came up B. came round C. came over D. came forward Question 242: I called Jenna yesterday with a view_______ her about the project. A. of asking B. to asking C. in asking D. for asking Question 243: I received housing benefit when I was unemployed.
  1. out of work B. out of fashion C. out of order D. out of practice Question 244: Don't worry about trying to catch the last train home, as we can _______ you up for the night.

A.take B. keep C. put D. set Question 245: Without written evidence, we don’t have a _______ on

  1. leg to stand B. foot to stand C. leg to lean D. foot to lean Question 246: _______, the people who come to this club are in their twenties and thirties. A. By and large B. Altogether C. To a degree D. Virtually Question 247: Nga is very modest, always_______ her success.
  1. keeping down B. turning around C. playing down D. pushing bac Question 248: He didn't bat an eye when he realized he failed the e x a m again. A. didn't want to see B. didn't show surprise C. wasn't happy D. didn't care Question 249: I try to be friendly but it is hard to _______ some of my colleagues. A. get on with B. watch out for C. come up with D. stand in for Question 250: I was in two _______ about taking the flat because it is very good but the rent was rather high.
  1. heads B. minds C. hands D. ways Question 251: The home team _______ the challengers by 68 points to 47.
  1. saw off B. waged off C. set off D. kept up Question 252: Sure, she's only six, but she's old enough to know better than _______ off without us. A. run B. to run C. running D. ran Question 253: Our project was successful_______ its practicality.
  1. in terms of B. with a view to C. regardless D. on behalf of Question 254: "Don't look so worried! You should take the leader's comment with_______." A. a teaspoon of salt B. a cup of salt C. a dose of salt D. a pinch of salt Question 255: Peter was ejected after committing five personal_______ in water sport game yesterday. A. mistakes B. faults C. fouls D. errors Question 256: Toxic chemicals in the air and land have driven many species to the_______ of extinction.
  1. tip B. edge C. verge D. border Question 257: We went away on holiday last week, but it rained day in day out. A. every single day B. every other day C. every second day D. every two days Question 258: Dr. Evans has _______ a valuable contribution to the development of the school. A. done B. created C. caused D. made Question 259: Just keep _______ on the baby while I cook the supper, will you? A. a look B. a glance C. an eye D. a care Question 260: Remember to appreciate what your friends do for you. You shouldn't take them_______.
  1. as a rule B. as usual C. out of habit D. for granted


Question 261: The players' protests_______ no difference to the referee's decision at all




  1. did B. made C. caused D. createda


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 262: Unfortunately, the company closed down because it couldn't keep_______ with rapidly changing technology.

  1. speed B. time C. fast D. pace Question 263: What the politician was saying fell on_______ ears last night.
  1. dead B. deaf C. dumb D. mute Question 264: "What's the matter? You don't look very well." - "I feel a little _______.” A. out of the blue B. out of order C. under the weather D. under the impression Question 265: It is a really difficult matter to decide how to solve now. I will need time to_____ on it. A. sleep B. feed C. eat D. sweep Question 266: He drives me to the edge because he never stops talking.
  1. steers me B. irritates me C. moves me D. frightens me Question 267: Don’t forget _______ goodbye to the interviewer before leaving the office. A. saying B. telling C. to tell D. to say Question 268: They talked for three days before finally______ a decision.
  1. doing B. arriving C. making D. coming Question 269: My mother doesn’t ______ eye to eye with my father sometimes. A. see B. glance C. look D. agree Question 270: For a short while. I managed to catch ______ of President Trump entering the White House.
  1. vision B. notice C. view D. sight Question 271: I feel terrible, I didn’t sleep_______ last night.
  1. a jot B. a wink C. an inch D. an eye Question 272: I’m going to make all efforts to win a gold medal in_______ for your help and concern. A. return B. mind C. allowances D. memory Question 273: The manager charged her _______ irresponsibility and dishonesty. A. for B. on C. about D. with Question 274: _______ stay the night if it’s too difficult to get home.
  1. By all means B. In all C. At all costs D. On whole Question 275: To get the best_______ on a new car, you need to know what a car is really worth. A. amount B. number C. deal D. figure Question 276: He talks about football for hours_______ end.
  1. at B. with C. on D. off Question 277: Would you mind_______ me a favor and posting this letter for me? A. making B. doing C. getting D. giving Question 278: When you use the Internet, you have so much information at your_______. A. fingers B. hands C. fingertips D. thumbs Question 279: The new cowboy film catches the fancy of the children.
  1. satisfies B. attracts C. amuses D. surprises Question 280: _______ of computers, it is difficult to imagine how tedious the work of accountants and clerks must have been in the past
  1. At the age B. On the age C. In the age D. By the age Question 281: I find it difficult to make_______ as prices keep_______.
  1. end meet-rising B. ends meet-raising C. end meet-raising D. ends meet-rising Question 282: Man: “I heard you have a part in the school play tonight.”

Woman: "Yes, and I’m on pins and needles”

  1. happy B. angry C. nervous D. confused Question 283: There's a lot more to Willie than one would think: still waters run_______. A. deeply B. deeply C. deepness D. depth Question 284: The idea _______ to nothing because I couldn't afford to do it.
  1. Went B. came C. turned D. changed Question 285: We’ve lost everything. Still, there’s no point in complaining. We'll just have to try and make_______.
  1. no bones about it B. a splash C. the best of a bad job D. a clean sweep Question 286: Donald Trump has suggested he could grant legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants who have not_______ serious crimes in what could be a major policy shift.


  1. committed B. took C. served D. done




Question 287: I think we can safely say now that we have got our money back, we have been home a


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

and dry.

  1. have not got wet B. have been successful C. have got home dry D. have got to water Question 288: He decided to make a claim_______ damages to his car.
  1. for B. in C. about D. on Question 289: The opposition will be elected into government at the next election, without a_______ of a doubt.
  1. shade B. shadow C. benefit D. profit Question 290: I just couldn’t remember her name even though it was on the _______ of my tongue A. edge B. top C. tip D. front Question 291: "I'm going for an interview for a job this afternoon.” "Good luck! I’ll keep my_______ crossed for you.”
  1. legs B. fingers C. arms D. hands Question 292: Father has lost his job, so we'll have to _______ our belt to avoid getting into debt. A. tighten B. shorten C. lengthen D. widen Question 293: Susan lost her_______ when she suddenly woke up and saw the house on fire. A. eyes B. head C. mind D. brain

Question 294: Vietnam’s Got Talent is the gameshow that has taken audiences_______. A. by storm B. by wind C. by night D. by heart Question 295: Nadine " I've been offered $550 for my stereo. Should I take it or wait a better one?” Kitty: "Take the $550_______.”

  1. Actions speak louder than words B. Kill two birds with one stone C. The early bird catches the worm D. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush Question 296: My father is in_______ of 30 engineers and 80 workers.
  1. pressure B. leadership C. impression D. charge Question 297: We should make full use_______ the Internet as it is an endless source of information. A. of B. in C. with D. from Question 298: When finding a new house, parents should __________ all the _______ conditions for their children’s education and entertainment.
  1. take into account B. make all the conditions C. get a measure of D. put into effect Question 299: This is new washing machine is not a patch_______ our old one. These clothes are still dirty.
  1. on B. in C. at D. off Question 300: Poor management brought the company to_______ of collapse.
  1. the edge B. the foot C. the ring D. the brink Question 301: The twins look so much alike that no one can tell them apart.
  1. distinguish between them B. point out with them
  1. spoil them D. pick them out

Question 302: With respect to maneuverability, few birds can equal the capabilities of the hummingbird, which hovers for long periods and even flies backward.

  1. With regard to B. With fondness to C. In appreciation of D. In favor of Question 303: The exercise was a piece of cake; I can do it with my eyes closed. A. challenging B. very easy C. boring D. understandable Question 304: Nobody owned up to breaking the window.
  1. objected to B. decided on C. confessed to D. allowed for Question 305: I don't really go in for winter sports very much.
  1. am not good at B. do not hate C. do not practice D. am not keen on Question 306: Most of the _______ in this workshop do not work very seriously or productively. A. rank and file B. tooth and nail C. eager beavers D. old hand Question 307: He may be shy now, but he'll soon come out of his shell when he meets the right girl. A. hole B. become confident C. shed D. become shy Question 308: I won't buy that car because it has too much_______ on it.
  1. ups and downs B. odds and ends C. wear and tear D. white lie Question 309: Suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, her whole life had been turned upside down. A. very quickly B. gradually C. over a long period of time D. unfortunately

Question 310: I had a_______, which I couldn’t explain, that something terrible was going to happen.




  1. feeling B. view C. sense D. thoughtg



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 311: I went to a restaurant last night, I was the ten thousandth customer, so my dinner was on the _______.

  1. holiday B. house C. free D. decrease Question 312: Applicants must hold a(n)- _______ driving licence.
  1. artificial B. faithful C. false D. valid Question 313: As the drug took_______ the patient became unconscious.
  1. effect B. force C. influence D. action Question 314: You're very quiet today. What have you got on your_______?
  1. spirit B. attention C. mind D. brain Question 315: Please accept our ______________ _______ congratulations on your promotion! A. finest B. warmest C. dearest D. best Question 316: They’ve bought a holiday cottage near the sea, and in_______ course they plan to move there permanently.
  1. future B. due C. coming D. intended Question 317: She should have been here but she's_______ chicken flu.
  1. gone through with B. gone down with C. come in for D. come up against Question 318: Part-time jobs give us the freedom to _______ our own interest. A. pursue B. chase C. seek D. catch Question 319: "Is there anything interesting_______ the paper today?” - “Well, there's an unusual picture_______ the back page.”
  1. in/ on B. on/in C. in/in D. on / on Question 320: The room needs decorating for the_______ and see party.
  1. ship B. sheep C. sip D. tip Question 321: The referee_______ the football game to a halt by blowing his whistle. A. brought B. took C. carried D. made Question 322: On the flip side, the world wide adoption of a couple of languages that have a large number of speakers has led to the death of several less popular languages.
  1. In other words B. On the other hand C. On the whole D. In general Question 323: Drinking too much alcohol is said to_______ harm to our health.
  1. make B. do C. lead D. take Question 324: At the end of the training course, each participant was presented with a_______ of completion.
  1. degree B. certificate C. diploma D. qualification Question 325: These days, many people only read printed newspapers once in a while as they tend to access information online.
  1. regularly B. attentively C. occasionally D. selectively Question 326: Most of the _______ in this workshop do not work very seriously or productively. A. rank and file B. tooth and nail C. eager beavers D. old hand Question 327: He may be shy now, but he’ll soon come out of his shell when he meets the right girl. A. hole B. become confident C. shed D. become shy Question 328: For a public campaign to succeed, it is important to make_______ of existing social organizations as well as other relations.
  1. fun B. advantage C. benefit D. use Question 329: Although the conditions weren’t ideal for a walk, we decided to_______ a go of it. A. make B. do C. run D. carry Question 330: They always kept on good _______ with their next-door neighbors for the children's sake.
  1. will B. friendship C. terms D. relations Question 331: In my company, the director deputy usually_______ the responsibility for organizing meetings and conferences.
  1. makes B. gets C. becomes D. takes Question 332: Mr. Gerstein was particularly taken back to hear that sleeping problems are often linked to physical problems.
  1. surprised B. intended C. determined D. relieved Question 333: I shouldn’t go outside without a raincoat because it's raining cats and dogs.


  1. it's just started to rainB. it’s raining very heavily C. it's going to rain D.



it’s drizzling



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 334: It seems that the world record for this event is almost impossible to_______. A. get B. beat C. take D. achieve Question 335: For lunch, I always have something quick and easy: a sandwich, a salad, toast and the_______.

  1. same B. similar C. like D. rest Question 336: I don't think anyone understood what I was saying at the meeting, did they? I totally failed to get my point_______.
  1. around B. along C. across D. about Question 337: We don't seem to have any more of that book, Sir. It is out of_______ but we are getting a new delivery next Thursday if you would like to pop back then.
  1. stock B. order C. print D. shop Question 338: I'm_______ my brother is.
  1. nowhere near as ambitious as B. nothing near as ambitious as C. nowhere like so ambitious as D. nothing as ambitious as

Question 339: No matter how angry he was, he would never___________ to_______ violence. A. exert B. resolve C. resort D. recourse Question 340: It never_______ my head that such a terrible thing would happen. A. struck B. dawned C. occurred D. entered Question 341: Despite all the evidence, he wouldn’t admit that he was in the_______. A. fault B. error C. wrong D. slip Question 342: He would win the race if he_______ his brother's example and trained harder. A. repeated B. set C. answered D. followed Question 343: I can't possibly lend you any more money, it is quite out of the_______. A. order B. practice C. place D. question Question 344: She had to hand in her notice_______ advance when she decided to leave the job A. with B. from C. in D. to

Question 345: You’ve got to be_______ certain before you decide.

  1. deadly B. deathly C. dead D. dearly Question 346: I went to a restaurant last night. I was the ten thousandth customer, so my dinner was on the_______.
  1. holiday B. house C. free D. decrease Question 347: I can't stand the car_______. Therefore, I hate traveling by car.
  1. illness B. sickness C. ailment D. disease Question 348: Why don't you make it bigger and more careful to _______ people's attention? A. raise B. attract C. make D. keep Question 349: My Dad is always willing to give a hand_______ cleaning the house. A. in B. with C. of D. about

Question 350: At the end of the film, the young prince_______ in love with a reporter. A. felt B. made C. fell D. got Question 351: You will be home and_______ in the interview if you have good qualifications and wide experience.

  1. high B. dry C. house D. way Question 352: Most young people nowadays believe in_______ marriage - first comes love, then comes marriage.
  1. romantic B. arranged C. unique D. contractual Question 353: - How much is this car? - 15,000 dollars. My uncle paid for it by _______. A. installments B. credit C. hire purchase D. cash Question 354: She went to college to study history, but changed_______ and is now a doctor. A. horses in midstream B. for a better C. her tune D. hands Question 355: I strongly recommend that you should take out an insurance policy in the house for your own peace of mind.

A to stop your sleeping B. to stop your worrying C to stop your thinking D. to stop your believing

Question 356: Face-to-face socializing is not as preferred as virtual socializing among the youth.

  1. instant B. available C. direct D. facial




Question 357: With so many daily design resources, how do you stay-up-date with technology g



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

without spending too much time on it?

  1. connect to the Internet all day B. update new status
  1. use social network daily D. get latest information

Question 358: The computer has had an enormous_______ on the way we work and enjoy life. A. impression B. influence C. change D. alternation Question 359: We have been working hard. Let’s_______ a break.

  1. make B. find C. do D. take Question 360: Peter makes a good_______ from his freelance work.
  1. profession B. job C. living D. earnings Question 361. Marrying into a such a rich family had always been _____ his wildest dreams. A. under B. above C. over D. beyond

Question 362. Marry is always making a mountain out of the molehill.

  1. exaggerating B. extravagant C. squandering D. overextending Question 363. _____ wait for no man.
  1. Tide and fire B. Time and tide C. Time and fire D. Tide and time Question 364. I usually buy my clothes _____. It’s cheaper than going to the dress maker. A. on the house B. off the peg C. in public D. on the shelf Question 365. My cousins tends to look on the bright side in any circumstances. A. be confident B. be optimistic C. be pessimistic D. be smart

Question 366. The child has no problem reciting the poem; he has _____ it to the memory. A. devoted B. added C. committed D. admitted

Question 367. After their long-lasting conflict had been resolved, the two families decided to bury the hatchet.

  1. become enemies. B. become friends C. give up weapons D. reach an agreement Question 368. The nominating committee always meet behind closed doors, lest its deliberations become known prematurely.
  1. privately B. safely C. publicly D. dangerously Question 369. In a modern family, the husband is expected to join hands with his wife to _____ the household chores.
  1. do B. run C. take D. make

Question 370. The table in the living room must be moved to _____ the new TV set. A. get rid of B. pave the way for C. make room for D. take hold of Question 371. The US president Barack Obama _____ an official visit to Viet Nam in May 2016, which is of great significance to the comprehensive bilateral partnership.

  1. delivered B. paid C. offered D. gave

Question 372. Two close friends Tom and Kyle are talking about Kyle’s upcoming birthday. Select the most suitable response to complete the exchange.

- Tom: “Can I bring a friend to your birthday party?”

- Kyle: “_____”

  1. It’s my honour B. Let’s do it then
  1. The more the merrier D. That’s right

Question 373. As children, we were very poor. When my father finally came rich, he told us that he wanted to _____ all the hardship we had suffered.

  1. make out with B. make up for C. make off with D. make over to Question 374. It’s not a pleasant feeling to discover you’ve been taken for a ride by a close friend. A. driven away B. deceived deliberately C. given a lift D. treated with sincerity Question 375. Thanks to her father’s encouragement, she has made great _____ in her study. A. standard B. development C. contribution D. progress

Question 376. Jim didn’t break the vase on _____, but he was still punished for his carelessness. A. occasion B. chance C. intention D. purpose

Question 377. “How was your exam?” “A couple of questions were tricky, but on the _____ it was pretty easy.”

  1. spot B. general C. hand D. whole

Question 378. If you practice regularly, you can learn this language skill in short _____ of a time. A. period B. aspect C. arrangement D. activity


Question 379. The shop assistant is ready to _____ me a helping hand. She is very nice.




  1. take B. lend C. offer D. get



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 380. The manager _____ his temper with the employees and shouted at them. A. had B. lost C. took D. kept

Question 381. All nations should _____ hands to work out a plan to solve the problem of global warming.

  1. join B. hold C. shake D. lend

Question 382. When he started that company, he really went _____. It might have been a disaster. A. out on the limb B. on and off C. over the odds D. once too often Question 383. We regret to tell you that the materials you ordered are _____.

  1. out of stock B. out of practice C. out of reach D. out of work Question 384. She _____ her success to hard work.
  1. described B. devoted C. blamed D. ascribed

Question 385. I refuse to believe a word of it; it’s a cock-and-_____ story.

  1. hen B. goose C. bull D. duck

Question 386. The search for a new vaccine took priority _____ all other medical researchers. A. above B. over C. to D. on

Question 387. He mentioned _____ particular electronics, his major at university. A. in B. on C. up D. off

Question 388. One study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project (2009) found that people are not _____ offline friends with online companions but are using them to support their offline relationships.

  1. making B. providing C. combining D. substituting Question 389. The study also found that social networks allow us to have discussions with a much more diverse set of people than in the real world, so we share knowledge with people from a wide _____ of backgrounds.
  1. ranges B. amount C. number D. variety

Question 390. _____ they’ve already made their decision, there’s nothing much we can do. A. Seeing that B. On grounds that C. Assuming that D. For reason that Question 391. I’m going on business for a week, so I’ll be leaving everything _____. A. on your guards B. up to our eyes C. in your capable hands D. under the care of you Question 392. When asked about their preference for movies, many young people say that they are in favour _____ science fiction.

  1. with B. of C. in D. for

Question 393. Students are _____ less pressure as a result of changes in testing procedures. A. under B. above C. upon D. out of

Question 394. In many big cities, people have to put up with noise, overcrowding and bad air. A. make up for B. take part in C. tolerate D. generate

Question 395. Population explosion seems to surpass the ability of the earth to _____ the demand for food.

  1. make B. need C. have D. meet

Question 396. Shake a leg or you will miss the train.

  1. Hurry up B. Slow down C. Watch out D. Put down

Question 397. You should pat yourself on the back for having achieved such a high score in the graduation exam.

  1. praise yourself B. criticize yourself C. check up your back D. wear a backpack Question 398. Despite the traffic hold-ups, we were able to arrive at the airport in the _____ of time just before the check-in counter closed.
  1. line B. chick C. second D. nick

Question 399. Many people head for the countryside where the flat _____ of fields helps them escape from the hectic city life.

  1. extension B. expansion C. extent D. expanse

Question 400. We know that we are at fault for our third consecutive defeat, so there is no need to _____ salt into the wound.

  1. spread B. rub C. apply D. put

Question 401. Parents often advise their children to study hard in the hope that they will_____ success in the future.


  1. gather B. collect C. master D. achieve





English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 402. Voluntary work helps foster independence and imparts the ability to deal with different situations, often simultaneously, thus teaching people how to _____ their way through different systems.

  1. take B. work C. put D. give

Question 403: A week on vacation with my relatives is enough to drive me up the _____. A. ceiling B. road C. mad D. wall

Question 404: He was trying to sell me a new laptop which I suspect fell off the back of a _____. A. lorry B. truck C. train D. rail

Question 405: I felt like a _____ wheel when they started looking at each other affectionately. A. fourth B. fifth C. sixth D. third

Question 406: They spent their holiday exploring the highways and _____ of the country. A. railway B. doorway C. byways D. mainway

Question 407: When I was trying to become a screenwriter, I hitched my _____ to a star by befriending some popular actresses.

  1. wagon B. journey C. voyage D. cruise

Question 408: It's dangerous to _____ the lights. You may have a terrible accident. A. pass B. cross C. fly D. jump

Question 409: He's been left to paddle his own _____ when he started his business. A. canoe B. boat C. sail D. ship

Question 410: Aren't you putting the _____ before the horse by deciding what to wear for the wedding before you've even been invited to it?

  1. chart B. cart C. dart D. hart

Question 411: You have to put the pedal to the _____if you want to get there on time. A. metal B. mental C. fatal D. cannal

Question 412: It was only when he discovered that his wallet was gone that he realized they had _____ him for a ride.

  1. made B. taken C. given D. had

Question 413: Our team was doing well for a while, but they got tired and then the _____ fell off. A. spirits B. moods C. attitudes D. wheels Question 414: Beyond any _____ , W. Shakespeare was the greatest writer of the sixteenth century.

  1. understanding B. suspicion C. disbelief D. doubt

Question 415: He was amazed to see that the town center had changed beyond _____. A. recognition B. realization C. admission D. acknowledge Question 416: Whether you had insurance is _____ the point, the accident is still your fault. A. besides B. beside C. next to D. over

Question 417: When his company sent him to the States, they left his family in the _____ as to whether it would be temporarily.

  1. dark B. secret C. space D. light

Question 418: I don't need to know the content of your speech in detail, just put the main message _____ a nutshell for me, please!

  1. on B. in C. out D. off

Question 419: When I was a child, my mother used to teach me table manners. A. etiquette B. rule C. problem D. norm

Question 420: My son got a job working directly under a prominent businessman. It's a very _____ start to his career.

  1. complimentary B. excellent C. promising D. encouraged Question 421: Our kids are sad that their summer vacation is to an end. A. being B. coming C. running D. drawing

Question 422: The artist put the _____ touches on her painting.

  1. completing B. finishing C. finalizing D. ending

Question 423: The back injury put an abrupt end to his tennis career.

  1. a direct B. a rushed C. a sudden D. a fast

Question 424: I'm going to walk down to the bookstore to _ time before my flight. A. kill B. spend C. waste D. miss



Question 425: Although she had been told quite sternly toherself together, she simply couldn't stop e


the tears from flowing.



English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

  1. bring B. pull C. force D. push

Question 426: __to fame at an early age may have a negative influence on children's psychological development A. Approaching B. Reaching C. Going D. Rising Question 427: Despite careful preparation, the candidate got cold feet when asked a challenging question and gave an unsatisfactory answer.

  1. had a fever B. stayed confident C. lacked confidence D. became aggressive Question 428: So, tell me about your new job. I'm all_____.
  1. ears B. eyes C. hands D. lips

Question 429: Don't tell my little brother about my sister's surprise birthday party yet. He's got a big _____.

  1. mouth B. eye C. cheek D. ear

Question 430: Will you keep your eye _____ my suitcase while I go to get the tickets. A. in B. on C. at D. of

Question 431: This calculus homework is a real pain in the . It's not that I don't understand it, it's just so tedious!

  1. heart B. head C. neck D. leg

Question 432: I'm sure he will be home and dry in the interview because he has good qualifications and wide experience.

  1. successful B. satisfied C. unsuccessful D. unsatisfied Question 433: After a momentary _____ of concentration, Simon managed to regain his focus and completed the test.
  1. failure B. fault C. error D. lapse Question 434: I felt a __ pain and looked down to see blood pouring from my leg. A. strong B. violent C. clear D. sharp Question 435: I always cast a glance at my desk to make sure I have everything before I leave the office at night
  1. make B. take C. hold D. give

Question 436: Fame is a privilege that gives people in the _____ eye lots of opportunities others can only dream of

  1. public B. common C. naked D. envy

Question 437: It is very easy to find _____ with the work of others.

  1. error B. fault C. mistake D. envy

Question 438: Ranieri returned, saw the mess, and hit the roof.

  1. became extremely annoyed B. became extremely surprised C. became extremely angry D. became extremely happy

Question 439: I know it isn't easy facing off against the low life of this town, but you're on the police force and you have to _____ your duty.

  1. do B. make C. carry D. take

Question 440: When I was at school, I had a _____ on a film star.

  1. love B. crush C. passion D. keen

Question 441: She has a soft _____ for Richard - he can do anything.

  1. knot B. course C. spot D. sport Question 442: I've had the _____ for him ever since he came to college. A. hots B. hot C. heat D. heating Question 443: Roger fell head over _____ in love with Maggie, and they were married within the month.
  1. reels B. kneels C. kneels D. heels Question 444: After having a blazing _____ with his wife, he stormed out of the room and banged the door behind him.
  1. row B. quarrel C. argumentD. debate Question 445: On February 12th he put up _____ sale a second tranche of 32 state-owned companies. A. on B. for C. out D. at

Question 446: We will have to _____ war on the rebels if they advance over our border. A. announce B. tell C. declare D. wages Question 447: Most of London's gates had been demolished by the end of the eighteenth century.


However, by a _____ of luck, the last of them was preserved.




  1. flash B. flock C. bust D. strokea


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 448: I blushed with _____ when the teacher caught me not paying attention in class and yelled at me.

  1. embarrassment B. shame C. shyness D. anger Question 449:Their baby bears a resemblance to its grandfather.
  1. takes up B. takes after C. takes on D. takes off Question 450:These prices bear no resemblance to the ones I saw printed in the newspaper. A. bear responsibility B. bring back
  1. be immediately obvious D. are completely different from

Question 451: _____ my reckoning, we should arrive in ten minutes.

  1. For B. In C. By D. On

Question 452: _____ calculations have shown that the earth's resources may run out before the end of the next century.

  1. Raw B. Blunt C. Rude D. Crude Question 453: He was presented with a gold watch in recognition of his years as club secretary. A. to show respect for B. in favor of C. in charge of D. to gain recognition Question 454: I didn't want her to jump to the conclusion that the divorce was in any way her fault. A. hurry B. rush C. leap D. fly

Question 455: A woman had a _____ escape when the car came round the corner. A. narrow B. close C. near D. limited

Question 456: Margaret Thatcher _____ history when she became the first female British prime minister.

  1. created B. made C. changed D. did Question 457: Paul was transferred to our head office in Chicago.
  1. headmanager B. headleader C. headquarter D. headmaster Question 458: After years of not speaking, Janie finally made _____ with her sister. A. fun B. allowance C. use D. peace

Question 459: I feel completely exhausted when I've listened to Marion for half-an-hour. A. absolutely B. extremely C. exceedingly D. very

Question 460: You__ me by surprise when you showed up at my office with flowers this afternoon! A. took B. made C. caused D. did

Question 461: I have a sweet ________ , I can't say no to cookies. A. mouth B. tongue C. tooth D. taste Question 462: He plays the part of a tough cop on TV who really has a heart of gold. A. drops a hint B. does him good

  1. raises his voice D. has kind and generous character Question 463: When you choose to gamble, you do so at your own _____.
  1. expense B. risk C. stake D. danger

Question 464: Mary was lost for words when she was awarded the prize.

  1. surprised B. annoyed C. happy D. amused Question 465: If you tell him the truth, you _____ the risk of hurting his feelings. A. lead B. take C. run D. drive

Question 466: If you have a _____ conscience, you feel guilty about something because you know it was wrong. If you have a _____ conscience, you do not feel guilty because you know you have done nothing wrong.

  1. criminal/peace B. brutal/green C. guilty/clear D. crude/clean

Question 467: I wanted to _____ amends for the worry I'vecaused you.

  1. give B. do C. take D. make

Question 468: She felt a warm _____ of happiness when he embraced her.

  1. heat B. glow C. flame D. fire

Question 469: The only reason why Dave's joke about my love life bothered me so much is because there wasn't a _____ of truth to it.

  1. speck B. grain C. dot D. drop

Question 470: Leaflets giving details are available _____ request.


  1. on B. in C. at D. of




Question 471: The city council is discussing a detailed _____ plan for maintaining clean beaches and a


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen


  1. activity B. action C. measure D. approach Question 472: To _____ green is to practise simple green lifestyles, which helps save the planet for further generation.
  1. go B. act C. make D. get

Question 473: Many companies do not want to spend too much on waste _____ as the cost is really high.

  1. discharge B. release C. rid D. disposal Question 474: Sometimes people just focus on the _____ benefits without thinking of the environmental risks of certain economic activities.
  1. long-term B. short-lived C. immediate D. potential Question 475: Soot comes from the _____ combustion of fossil or other fuels. A. completion B. complete C. incompletion D. incomplete Question 476: Many students opted for English _____ to History.
  1. with respect to B. with reference to C. in preference to D. in view of Question 477: The students were split into five groups according their abilities.
  1. to B. at C. of D. in

Question 478: Well, apart from his long nose he is rather good-looking, isn't he? A. In addition B. Besides C. Aside from D. Moreover Question 479: All schools had to be closed temporarily on account of heavy snowfall. A. as a result B. as a result of C. thanks to D. in favor of Question 480: I am not absolutely sure about when the projects starts, but to the best of my knowledge it will be on June 16.

  1. according to me B. on my opinion C. with my pleasure D. as far as I know Question 481: Unfortunately, some politicians often hit the belt to discredit their opponents. A. below B. under C. over D. above

Question 482: Max's health has been improving since he came out of hospital, if only by degrees. A. little by little B. gradually C. step by step D. all are correct Question 483: Recently, with exports and sales decreasing, their outlook has _____ noticeably changed for the A. better B. worse C. nicer D. more Question 484: If you had been working on your project from scratch, you would realize how much these results mean to us.

  1. for B. in C. at D. with

Question 485: Doctor Murphy is always on call, even at night and at the weekend. A. on duly B. on time C. in time D. at times Question 486: These days, most young people would like to look for _____ jobs rather than secure ones.

  1. long-term B. well-paid C. fast-growing D. long-lasting Question 487: More and more people are moving to live in the city in search of better _____ prospects.
  1. occupation B. job C. career D. work

Question 488: People migrate to urban areas on a massive _____ for many reasons. A. scale B. level C. extent D. number

Question 489: The rural areas are said to suffer from the lack of natural resources as well as _____weather conditions.

  1. rigid B. extreme C. poor D. worsened Question 490: The manager threw a party _____ the group of computer experts from the United States.
  1. in honour of B. in favour of C. in welcome of D. in celebration of Question 491: He doesn't have a lot of time to look for accommodation. He just stays in that rough and _____ flat near his office
  1. cough B. rough C. tough D. ready

Question 492: I don't understand what you are saying. What a load of _____.

  1. crap B. drap C. tab D. rab

Question 493: We're just met. Don't you think you are _____ the gun to be talking about marriage






  1. catching B. jumping C. cratching D. chasinga


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 494: Sara bought in a lot of business last month; she should ask for a pay rise while she's still on a _____.

  1. roam B. roll C. rush D. run

Question 495: We run a very tight ship here, and we expect all our employees to be at their desks by eight o'clock and take good care of their own business.

  1. have a good voyage B. organize things efficiently
  1. run faster than others D. manage an flexible system

Question 496: Many get a financial aid package which may include grants, scholarships and loans because of the fear of having large debts placing considerable pressure on students. A. putting B. forcing C. emphasizing D. giving Question 497: It is quite common for students to gather at the canteen and shoot the breeze during the break.

  1. enjoy fresh air B. check the homework
  1. gossip about unimportant things D. fight with each other

Question 498: We have discussed this problem at some _____ , but have not found out the solution. A. time B. energy C. length D. distance Question 499: My friends have just moved to a new flat in the residential area on the _____ of Paris.

  1. side B. outskirts C. suburbs D. outside

Question 500: People should _____ a green lifestyle to help conserve the natural resources.

  1. adapt B. adjust C. adopt D. adjoin Question 501: My brother is an authority _____ Chinese cuisine.
  1. over B. at C. in D. on

Question 502: The benefits of the Internet of social media are _____ .

  1. enormous B. huge C. large D. gigantic Question 503: After making a_________ of England, the band is coming again.
  1. time B. chance C. tour D. date Question 505: All staffs are not allowed to use their personal mobile phones during _____ hours. A. office B. official C. officer D. officer's

Question 506: I didn't think Larry and Patricia had anything in , but they talked all evening. A. in contrast B. particular C. common D. fact

Question 507: I have meetings all day, so please _____ the lead on this project, Joan. A. give B. do C. make D. take

Question 508: The fox tried in vain to reach the grapes.

  1. was unsuccessful in reaching B. was successful in reaching
  1. was incapable of reaching D. was unable to reach

Question 509: The personnel officer gave him her _____ that she wouldn't tell anyone that he had been in the prison.

  1. word B. world C. work D. worm

Question 510: The story he told us was _____.

  1. beyond a joke B. beyond repair
  1. beyond a shadow of a doubt D. beyond belief

Question 511: I could not keep in touch with him because I had lost his phone number. A. get B. have C. bring D. take

Question 512: My boss received over ten letters of complaint from the customers this morning and he really went up the wall.

  1. hit the roof B. saw red C. hit the ceiling D. all are correct Question 513: Be careful what you say - she's in a _____ mood today. A. blue B. green C. black D. gray

Question 514: He was as sick as a _ when he realised he had thrown away his lottery ticket. A. carrot B. parrot C. idiot D. rabbit

Question 515: When her son went missing, she was _____ herself with worry.

  1. beside B. besides C. in D. of

Question 516: She felt a little _____ when she lost her job.


  1. black B. brown C. grey D. blue




Question 517: When she left him, he was down in the dumps for a couple of weeks.a


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

  1. unhappy B. frustrated C. embarrassed D. irritated Question 518: There is a factory near the college where we study and the noise from it gets on our nerves.
  1. surprises us B. annoys us C. cheats us D. amuses us Question 519: Things went _____ in the second game when we lost 38-0.
  1. from now then on B. from time to time C. from bad to worse D. from memory Question 520: As the manager of a local company, he enjoys being a big _____ in a small pond. A. shrimp B. frog C.crab D. fish

Question 521: All the other children in the school had rich, middle-class parents, and she was beginning to feel like a fish out of water.

  1. feel silly B. feel uncomfortable C. feel ashamed D. feel miserable

Question 522: He seems to be a/an _____ fish but he is really just a normal guy. A. ugly B. big C. odd D. old

Question 523: The success of our local theater has put our city on the map .

  1. made our city famous B. changed our city C. put pressure on our city D. turned our city into a palace Question 524: The company's president went on and on about how they value every customer's individual experience, but we all know he was just putting on an act as a normal part of PR. A. tending B. pretending C. intending D. sending Question 525: The bank robbers made a getaway in a stolen car.
  1. escaped B. disappeared C. elapsed D. depleted Question 526: Everybody took the Mickey out of him because he had his hair cut so short. A. complimented B. praised C. laughed at D. criticized Question 527: The local council has _____ the blame on mass tourism for the cause of environmental problems.
  1. taken B. had C. made D. put

Question 528: Don't _____ to conclusion that learning English is easy.

  1. come B. get C. reach D. go

Question 529: We cannot make any comparison _____ her sacrifice.

  1. at B. with C. to D. for

Question 530: Every nook and cranny of the house was stuffed with souvenirs of their trips abroad. A. part B. section C. corner D. angle Question 531: Do you make lists of pros and cons and carefully consider all the options? A. advantages and disadvantages B. success and failure C. strength and weakness D. agreement and disagreement

Question 532: Do you often _____ your intuition and then _____ a choice based on your feelings? A. believe/give B. trust/make C. follow/have D. do/make Question 533: When I have to make an especially _____ decision, I often ask my mother for _____ advice.

  1. hard/good B. difficult/perfect C. quick/thorough D. tough/sound Question 534: When you make a decision very quickly, we call it a snap decision. A. an arbitrary decision B. a wise decision
  1. a spur-of-the-moment decision D. a tough decision

Question 535: A ____ document shows that the U.S. is planning to build additional military bases in Central America.

  1. disclosed B. escaped C. revealed D. leaked

Question 536: A lot of people believe the completely ______ claims they read on the internet, and never actually research the issue.

  1. impossible B. malicious C. unfounded D. uninvolved Question 537: My cousin wanted to give me a job at his restaurant, but I _____ the offer. A. denied B. refused C. repelled D. deleted

Question 538: That university is _____ acknowledged to be the best place in the world to study law. A. hugely B. unjustly C. widely D. largely

Question 539: The human resources manager _____ the allegations that the


company hired illegal immigrants.




  1. defends B. denies C. denounces D. acclaimsa


English collocation and idioms – MS Huyen

Question 540: My grandfather is a __fan of his old college basketball team.

  1. lifelong B. permanent C. forever D. lasting

Question 541: Her parents refused to give their_____ to her marriage to a man from a different culture.

  1. thanksgiving B. blessing C. grace D. honor

Question 542: I_____ support the campaign for humane treatment of farm animals. A. animatedly B. forcefully C. enthusiastically D. warmly

Question 543: My son is my parents' only grandchild, so of course they think the _____ of him. A. globe B. earth C. world D. space

Question 544: Some men will do anything to _____ the approval of the woman they love. A. catch B. stand C. have D. win

Question 545: That course seems excellent - everyone who takes it speaks very _____ of it. A. deeply B. highly C. greatly D. ill

Question 546: The article made some _____ criticisms of the corruption in the country's political system.

  1. grudging B. scathing C. burning D. violently Question 547: A new TV show has sparked _____ by showing the positive side of dropping out of college.
  1. controversy B. argument C. contention D. debate

Question 548: A _____ of disappointment came over me when I heard that the show had been canceled.

  1. flood B. roll C. wave D. storm

Question 549: The city's efforts to cut down on pollution are finally fruit.

  1. making B. producing C. growing D. bearing Question 550: My grandmother remembers the _____ days of the civil war.