How to see saved passwords on Mac Chrome

How to see saved passwords on Mac Chrome

Want to view your saved passwords in the Chrome browser? Maybe you need to find a password for a website login that you have saved in Chrome? You can easily find, view, and show saved passwords and logins for websites in the Chrome browser, assuming you’ve saved those passwords to Chrome for the autofill and auto sign-in feature within that browser before.

This tutorial will walk through how to view saved passwords in the Chrome web browser on a Mac, however this tutorial should be relevant beyond Mac as the technical process is the same on a Windows PC and other Chrome browsers too.

How to View Saved Website Passwords in Chrome on Mac

Here’s how you can find and view saved passwords and login information for websites in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome browser on the computer if you have not done so already
  2. Access Chrome settings then choose “Passwords”, otherwise go directly to the following URL in Chrome:
  3. chrome://settings/passwords

  4. Locate the website login and password you wish to see in Chrome
  5. Click the view / show button next to the site name and username to see the password
  6. How to see saved passwords on Mac Chrome

  7. Authenticate when asked to see the saved password for that website
  8. Repeat with other websites as necessary to view those saved passwords too

You can also use the “Search Passwords” feature in the upper right corner of the Chrome Passwords page to search for a specific website match or user name match:

How to see saved passwords on Mac Chrome

This can be helpful to use if you forgot a password to a website, or perhaps you forgot your user name to the website, but you recall that you saved the password to Chrome in the past for use with autofill and auto sign-in (unless you disabled Chrome automatic sign in).

Additionally, this can be helpful to find login information and passwords that have since been changed or are now outdated, or that are showing up incorrectly in autofill in which case it may be helpful to also delete from Chrome autofill suggestions any erroneous examples of autofill details.

Obviously this will only work to reveal and show saved website logins and passwords for websites where the password has been saved in Chrome before. If the password was never saved in Chrome, it will not be visible this way. If you simply forgot a websites password, or a various online service password, it’s often appropriate to use the ‘forgot password’ options available for that particular service.

Note that if you have previously reset the Chrome browser to default settings the saved passwords should persist, but other settings in the browser likely did not.

This is specific to Chrome, however if you use Safari you can perform a similar action to show web site passwords in Safari for Mac too, and you can also reveal passwords on Mac with the Keychain app too.

Were you able to find your saved Chrome passwords and login information using this tip? Do you know of another approach to finding and seeing saved website passwords in Chrome, or more broadly? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.