Lỗi config.mk no such file or directory năm 2024

Compiling a project in ModusToolbox could sometimes run into the error: No such file or directory. If you confirm the file does exist and you are using Windows, then you might encounter the Path Length Limitation issue on Windows.

What is The Problem?

The error looks like this:

Linking output file mtb-example-ml-gesture-classification.elf arm-none-eabi-g++.exe: error: ../mtb_shared/ml-tflite-micro/release-v2.0.0/COMPONENT_ML_TFLM_INTERPRETER/COMPONENT_CM4/COMPONENT_IFX_CMSIS_NN/COMPONENT_HARDFP/TOOLCHAIN_GCC_ARM/libtensorflow-microlite.a: No such file or directory

The key point is that the file path is noticeably long, especially since it contains relative pathnames "..", which is inflated by its parent path finally.

According to Windows Documentation: Maximum Path Length Limitation, the maximum length for a path on Windows is 260 characters by default. But it's usually short for ModusToolbox build system. If 260 characters are exceeded, the file system will reject the path, resulting in the error: No file or directory.

How to Solve the Problem?

According to the Windows Documentation, You need to run the following command in PowerShell (or the equivalent way documented in that article):

Summary: Cannot build firefox with --enable-shared → Build error: coreconf/config.mk: No such file or directory

I thinkd the freebl's makefile has did something for --enable-shared. The macro FREEBL_BUILD_SINGLE_SHLIB is for this.

The problem is that you didn't check out the Firefox source tree correctly. You need to follow the instructions in . You should use "cvs checkout" to check out only one file: mozilla/client.mk. Then, you need to use that makefile to check out the rest of the source tree:

make -f client.mk checkout
The mozilla/client.mk makefile will check out the correct version of NSS (mozilla/security/nss and mozilla/security/coreconf). For the Firefox tip, this version of NSS has the CVS tag NSS_CLIENT_TAG. You are using the tip of NSS. However, you reported a problem that we will need to fix eventually. So if you are willing to help, please keep the source tree you have, and apply this patch. It's okay if you don't have time to test this patch. Thank you.

Bug 308792 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug.

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  • Makefile error:*** No rule to make target

  1. Makefile error:*** No rule to make target I am trying to compile a u-boot flashing software code. when i try to use Makefile i get the error:

    Makefile:25: /config.mk: No such file or directory make: *** No rule to make target `/config.mk'. Stop.although the config.mk exists. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance facing it all

    1. Re: Makefile error:*** No rule to make target

      Moved to Packaging and Compiling Programs.

    2. Re: Makefile error:*** No rule to make target

      The error message is about /config.mk which is a file in the root directory. This would appear to be a mistake. Check your Makefile.

    3. Re: Makefile error:*** No rule to make target

      thanks for ur reply. so, does it mean that i can't use the makefile inside the board/.. folder?

    4. Re: Makefile error:*** No rule to make target

      Was the Makefile generated by a step such as ./configure ? Did that step fail? Maybe the Makefile has something like ${SOME_VARIABLE)/config.mk and SOME_VARIABLE isn't defined. ---

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    Hi, i'm trying to synthetize my first custom design. I created two directories: the source files in /src/UART/ and the configuration files in /design/sky130hd/UART. I also modified the Makefile by adding the following line uncommented: DESIGN_CONFIG=./designs/sky130hd/UART/config.mk.

    Then i tried to run: make DESIGN_CONFIG=./designs/sky130hd/UART/config.mk and the following output appeared:

    Makefile:128: designs/sky130hd/UART/config.mk: No such file or directory
    [INFO][FLOW] Using platform directory ./platforms/
    Makefile:143: platforms//config.mk: No such file or directory
    make: *** No rule to make target `platforms//config.mk'.  Stop.

    To me it seems like that the directories aren't updated.

    This is the sequence of commands i use to run OpenROAD:

     cd OpenROAD-flow-scripts
    xhost +local:docker
    docker \
       run \
       --tty \
       --interactive \
       --user $(id -u ${USER}):$(id -g ${USER}) \
       --net=host \
       --ipc=host \
       --env DISPLAY=${DISPLAY} \
       --volume $(pwd)/flow/platforms:/OpenROAD-flow-scripts/flow/platforms:ro \
       --volume $(pwd)/flow/scripts:/OpenROAD-flow-scripts/flow/scripts:ro \
       --volume ${HOME}:/home/${USER} \
       --volume /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
       --volume ${HOME}/.Xauthority:/.Xauthority \
       --security-opt seccomp=unconfined \
       --privileged \
       openroad/flow-scripts \
    source setup_env.sh
    cd flow

    I also tried: make clean_all