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So we all know that our control keys are A Z X S Space Bar D C F V. Orignally in the PC version of Mega Man X4 the code for Ultimate Armor is (First hold down, then pick Megaman at the Player select screen. When you start Megaman's Armor should be outlined in purple.) But what is concidered the ENTER key, Also when I do this I only start out with 9 lives versus having the purple outline. Is there something I'm doing wrong can someone please help me get the Ultimate Armor for Mega Man X4? I would greatly Appreciate your time!

Trong MMZ, Armor của Zero hoàn toàn thay đổi, giống với bản X về màu, tóc và nón gọn hơn.So với Zero-X thì Zero này có kiểu dáng giống người hơn.

Xuyên suốt MMX và MMZ, Zero đôi khi xuất hiện với Armor màu đen có khả năng tăng sức mạnh dũng như tấn công.Black Armor lần đầu xuất hiện trong MM X2, khi đã thu thập đủ 3 part của Zero, thì Maverick Zero xuất hiện ở mànl cuối sẽ có áo màu đen và bị tiêu diệt bởi Zero chính cống.Trong X4,5,6 và 8 thì ta có thể unlock Black Armor bằng cheat hoặc capsual, khả năng tăng attack và giảm def.Trong MMX:Command Mission, thay vì unlock Black zero ta sẽ unlock được Absolute Zero (Độ Không Tuyệt Đối).Kiểu dáng của nó gợi cho ta nhớ lại Treble Boost của Bass trong bản Classic. AZ sử dụng móng ở tay và chân và tự gây tổn hại lên bản thân.Trong dạng này thuộc tính của Zero là Nước/Băng dựa theo lí thuyết Độ không tuyệt đối là nhiệt độ thấp nhất khi đó các phân tử sẽ ngừng chuyển động.

Zero is one of the main characters in the MMX and MMX MMZ.Trong main character, he is known as a "Maverick Hunters" top-level professional fight against Sigma Incidentally, Keiji Inafune-line MM creator himself created to become Zero X, the key figure who later became the savior gioi.Nhung fear players will not find an association between the two name Megaman and Zero Zero, he has become a partner of X, 9 years later, Zero has his own niche in the MMZ series.

In the first appearance on MM X1, Zero is a character "more" for the main character, X. He is more powerful form of the X-Buster is the Z-Buster, another red with blue net of X (but not understood at following through from the Z-Buster X4 onwards weakened and transferred power to the Z-Saber.) Until the advent X3, Zero becomes non-playable characters, X supports only in some scenes only. When Zeor becomes a playable character, the player to experience a sense of accomplishment different from X X.Khi specializes in long-range, always keep your distance and protect themselves from rival is likely to reach nearly Zero roam with Z-Saber.Nhieu people prefer this because the character of and his actions In the first occurrence, Zero and played a round of armor design and xau.Trong abysmally X2 Zero have added some details such as square shoulders, a yellow line on foot, corrected buster, add some detail to the jewel in the beginning, and most of the bars mark Saber, Z- Styles in X3 buster unchanged except for export was revised again. In X8 Zero has changed the most, thinner and taller, less hair, and short conical horn hon.Tuy course changes from version to version (from X2) is not necessary, only the effect of pretty well, and also from Zero X2 onwards became one of the main characters of the game.

In MMZ, Zero Full Armor of change, similar to the X on the color, short hair and hat hon.So with Zero-Zero X, the designs are more human-like.

Throughout MMX and MMZ Zero sometimes appear with black Armor ability increases attack power as cong.Black brave Armor MM first appeared in X2, when collected enough part of the Zero 3, Zero the Maverick production Last manl is in black shirt and will be destroyed by the cong.Trong Zero X4, 5.6 and 8, we can unlock cheat or capsual by Black Armor, and reduced ability to increase attack def.Trong MMX: Command Mission, instead we will unlock unlock Black Zero Absolute Zero (absolute zero). styling reminiscent of it back in the Treble Boost Bass Classic. AZ using hands and feet and nails in order to hurt the than.Trong this type of property is Zero Water / Ice based on the theory of absolute zero is the lowest temperature at which all molecular motion stops .

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