So sánh for sure và of coursw

beautiful B. very beautiful C. more beautiful D. the most beautiful Question 2: The larger the apartment is, the_______its price is.

  • expensive B. more expensive C. expensively D. most expensive Question 3: The faster we walk,_______we will get there.
  • the soonest B. the soon C. the more soon D. the sooner Question 4: “Why did you buy these oranges? ” “They were_______I could find.”
  • cheapest B. cheapest ones C. the cheapest ones D. the most cheapest Question 5: She plays the piano_______as her sister does.
  • as beautifully B. more beautifully C. as beautiful D. the most beautifully Question 6: The streets are getting more and_______these days.
  • crowded B. less crowded C. more crowded D. most crowded Question 7: New York City's Central Park is nearly twice as large_______second smallest country.
  • as B. is the C. as is D. as the Question 8: You must explain your problems_______.
  • as clear as you can B. as clearly as you can
  • as clear than you are D. as clearly as you are Question 9: Phil is_______person we have ever known.
  • the happier B. the happiest C. happier D. happiest Question 10: Which woman are you going to vote for? -I’m not sure. Everyone says that Joan is_______.
  • smarter B. the smarter C. more smarter D. more smart Question 11:I thought this test would be difficult, but it is_______test I've ever taken.
  • the easiest B. easier C. the most easy D. easily Question 12: It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere_______?
  • noisier B. more quiet C. more noisy D. quieter Question 13:_______the time passes,_______I feel! The deadline of my thesis is coming, but I have just finished half of it.
  • The faster / the nervous B. The more fast / the nervous
  • The fast / the more nervous D. The faster / the more nervous Question 14: China is the country with_______population.
  • the larger B. the more large C. the largest D. the most large Question 15: She sat there quietly, but during all that time she was getting_______. Finally she exploded.
  • more and more angrily B. the more angry
  • angrier and angrier D. the most angry Question 16: For_______, it is certain that in the future some things will be very different.
  • the better or the worse B. the good or the bad
  • good or bad D. better or worse Question 17: Her grandfather’s illness was_______we thought at first.
  • young B. so young C. younger D. the youngest Question 29: What is the_______movie you have ever seen?
  • worst B. baddest C. most bad D. the worst Question 30: The Missouri River is the_______river in the United States.
  • most long B. longer C. longest D. the longer Question 31: That whale is_______than this dingo.
  • big B. most big C. biggest D. bigger Question 32: Our crazy Uncle Pete is the_______fisherman in all of Oregon.
  • talented B. most talented C. more talented D. talentedly Question 33: The people applauded_______than before when Bobo the Clown came out.
  • most loudly B. louder C. loudest D. more loud Question 34: I'm positive that I am_______and beautiful than my opponent.
  • more intelligent B. most intelligent C. as intelligent D. intelligent Question 35: Of all two sisters, Kizzy is the_______.
  • hard-working B. more hard-working
  • most hard-working D. as hard-working Question 36:_______in Stevenson's landscapes, the more vitality and character the painting seems to possess.
  • The brushwork is loose B. The looser brushwork
  • The loose brushwork is D. The looser the brushwork is Question 37: Horace found his Magical Bean Maker_______than he originally thought.
  • useful B. less useful C. less least useful D. least useful Question 38: The relative size of an insect's wing is much greater than_______.
  • that of a bird's wing B. of a bird's wing
  • that wing of a bird D. a wing of a bird is Question 39: The richer you are,_______.
  • you may become more worried B. you more worried may become
  • the more worried you may become D. the more worry you may become

Question 40: Ann works_______than most of her friends.

  1. much harder B. a lot more hardly C. more hardly D. more harder Question 41: Many endangered species are moving_______to extinction, and we are losing our precious places.
  2. close and close B. closely and closely
  3. closer and closer D. more closely and closely Question 42: The more carefully humans mind their daily activities,_______on the environment.
  4. the less harmful impact have they B. the less harmful impact they have
  5. the less impact harmful they have D. the less harmful they have impact Question 43: Growth is of very immediate environmental concern because_______ the more pollutants we throw out into the atmosphere.
  6. the more the world economy grows B. the more economy the world grows
  7. the more grows the world economy D. the more the world grows economy Question 44: Rare animal extinction is one of the_______things that could have happened.
  8. good B. best C. worse D. worst Question 45: We need to do this_______than we are at the moment.
  9. quickly B. the quickest C. more quickly D. most quickly Question 46: Mary speaks English better than her sister_______.
  10. is B. does C. has D. can Question 47: Looking after a kitten is_______more difficult than I thought it would be.
  11. far B. farther C. further D. father Question 48: Living in a big city isn't_______interesting as I thought it would be.
  12. less B. most C. more D. as Question 49: It has been a really bad journey, but I think the_______is behind us.
  13. good B. better C. worst D. worse Question 50: I'm quite disappointed in you as I know you can do_______.
  14. bad B. better C. worst D. good Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.

Question 12: Of the three courses I did, this one is_______interesting.

  1. the hardest and more B. harder but more
  2. the harder but more D. the hardest but most Question 13: Of the two films we watched yesterday. Titanic is_______.
  3. the more interesting B. the most interesting
  4. better interesting D. as interesting Question 14: This car is_______of the two models in the showroom.
  5. more modem B. the most modem
  6. the more modem D. one of the most modem Question 15: The tickets for the play weren't nearly as expensive_______we thought.
  7. so B. than C. that D. as Question 16: Why don't we go on the coach? It is_______cheaper than the train.
  8. a hit quite B. quite bit C. quite a bit D. a quite bit Question 17: A quick look would reveal that France has twice_______computers.
  9. as many televisions as B. more televisions than
  10. as many as televisions D. many as televisions as Question 18: The_______source of power in 1970 was from natural gas with almost 25%.
  11. most second important B. second most important
  12. second important most D. most important second Question 19: Staying in a hotel costs_______renting a room in a dormitory for a week.
  13. as much as twice B. twice as much as C. twice more than D. twice as Question 20:_______a person gets,_______the chance they will develop a disease that harms the brain.
  14. So old - greater than B. Too old - a lot greater
  15. The older - the greater D. The oldest - the greatest Question 21: People are becoming_______aware of healthy eating, exercise, and relaxation, and want to incorporate them into their daily lives.
  16. hardly ever B. rather than C. more and more D. much as Question 22: The more she practices,_______she becomes.
  17. the greater confidence B. more confidently
  18. the more confident D. the most confident Question 23: The more you talk about the situation,_______.
  19. it seems worse B. the worse it seems
  20. the worse does it seem D. it seems the worse Question 24: The older you are,_______.
  21. the more you may become worried B. the more worried you may become
  22. the more worry you may D. you may become more worried Question 25: Sound comes in waves, and the higher the frequency,_______.
  23. higher is the pitch B. the pitch is higher
  24. the higher the pitch D. pitch is higher Question 26: The more you have tried to edit the article,_______.
  25. it becomes better B. the more it has become
  26. the better it becomes D. it has becomes better and better Question 27: The better the weather is,_______.
  27. the beaches get the more crowded B. the beaches get the most crowded C. the most crowded the beaches get D. the more crowded the beaches get Question 28: The country is rapidly losing its workers as_______.
  28. people are emigrating more B. more and more people are emigrating
  29. people emigrating are more and more D. more emigrating people are Question 29:_______you study for these exams,_______you will do.
  30. The harder - the better B. The more - the much
  31. The hardest- the best D. The more hard - the more good Question 30: The more waste paper we recycle,_______.
  32. the least trees we preserve B. the most trees we preserve
  33. the fewer trees we preserve D. the more trees we preserve Question 31: He is_______than me, so it’s certain that he will achieve more success than me.
  34. more young and intelligent B. younger and more intelligent
  35. more intelligent and younger D. more and more intelligent and younger Question 32: The more different cultures work together,_______essential to avoid problems.
  36. the more cultural competency training is
  37. the more culturally competent training is

Question 43: The Korean are_______than the American in addressing their bosses.

  1. more formal B. formal C. most formal D. the most formal Question 44: There are_______occasions for giving gifts in modem societies than before.
  2. less B. more C. the least D. the most Question 45: June has become_______month for weddings in many countries when the symbolic flowers, roses, usually bloom.
  3. more popular B. less popular C. the most popular D. the least popular Question 46: Before doing something important, Vietnamese people always try to choose_______time for it.
  4. better B. less good C. the least good D. the best Question 47: My grandmother feels much_______whenever I give her a homemade cake on Mother’s Day.
  5. happier B. more happily C. the happiest D. the most happily Question 48: If you listen_______to this piece of music, you can hear a flute in the background.
  6. carefully B. more carefully C. more careful D. most careful Question 49: Please cut my hair_______the style in this magazine.
  7. the same length as B. the same length like
  8. the same long like D. the same long as Question 50: Winning a place at university_______for most students
  9. has become as difficult B. becomes the most difficulty
  10. is becoming more and more difficult D. will become more difficult Question 51: Tom: "Is your government salary good?" Mary: "Yes, but I don't make as much_______worked in private industry.”
  11. as I would if I B. if I would have C. I would if D. as I Exercise 2: Complete the second sentence so that the meaning stays the same. Question 1: I usually get up earlier than my wife. => My wife ________________. Question 2: Few books are more popular than Dickens’ ‘David Copperfield’. => Dickens’ ‘David Copperfield’. Question 3: Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. => No mountain ___________________________________________________. Question 4: The children are excited with the difficult games.

\=> The more . Question 5: The salary of my sister is 3 million dong. The salary of my brother is 6 million dong. => The salary of my brother. Question 6: The growth in the economy makes people's living condition better. => The more . Question 7: Shakespeare is the most famous of all writers in England. => No other writers . => Shakespeare_. Question 8: This computer works better than that one. => That computer _. Question 9: Sarah's smartphone is very similar to her father's smartphone. => Sarah's smart phone. Question 10: This is the most delicious cake I've ever tasted. => I've never_. Question 11: Gmail accounts are generally better than other email services. => Other email services _. Question 12: The Italian restaurant is cheaper than the Japanese restaurant. => The Italian restaurant costs . Question 13: Her old house is bigger than her new one. => Her new house. Question 14: The course wasn't as easy as I'd expected. => The course__. Question 15: People say there is no other castles as luxurious as this one in Europe. => People say that this is . Question 16: It is the most beautiful painting I've ever seen => I have never seen. Question 17: Playing video games is not as good as exercising. => Exercising ______________________________________________________. Question 18: We have much knowledge. We become wise. => The more ___________. Question 19: There is no better teacher in this school than Mr John. => Mr John . Question 20: We breathe a lot of polluted air. We get weaker. => The more . Question 21: I have never had a more embarrassing experience than this. => This . Question 22: No one plays football as well as Ronaldo. => Ronaldo. Question 23: If you read many books, you will have much knowledge. => The more. Question 24: I think that history books are more interesting than novels. => I think that novels . Question 25: This flower is the most beautiful one in this garden. => This flower. => No other flowers in this garden. Question 26: I've never met any more dependable person than George. => George. Question 27: That writer wrote many stories. She became famous. => The more ___________________________________________________.

Question 33: Earning money has always been the thing that pleases him most, (rich)_______he becomes, (happy)he is. Question 34: I can't stand this weather. It's getting_______and(hot). Question 35: The bigger the supermarket is, the (wide)the choice is. Question 36: Eating and traveling in this city are getting(expensive). Question 37: Why don't you buy bananas when they are (little expensive)_______than apples? Question 38: Marine reptiles are among the few creatures that are known to have a possible life span (great)_______than that of man. Question 39: This one is prettier, but it costs three times (much)_______as the other one. Question 40: The (much)we learn, the (much) we forget. Exercise 4: Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting. Question 1: The more time you spend on preparing for the test, the high scores you A B C may get. D Question 2: The more you practise speaking in your class, the more better you are at A B C D public speaking. Question 3: The more better I study about endangered species, the more I worry about A B C their extinction. D Question 4: The higher the unemployment rate is getting, so the crime rate is becoming. A B C D Question 5: Protein molecules are the most complex than the molecules of carbohydrates. A B C D Question 6: The life in the city is more comfortable than in the country. A B C D Question 7: The diameter of the Sun is more than one hundred times greater than the Earth. A B C D Question 8: The most great trumpet player, Louis Armstrong, went from New Orleans A in 1922 to join a band that helped spread jazz through phonograph recordings. B C D Question 9: After the critics see the two plays, they will, as a result of their experience A B and background, judge which is the most effective and moving. C D Question 10: The rate of stomach cancer is lowest in countries where people don't eat A B C processed meat products than in nations where such foods are consumed. D Question 11: Do you think Australia is a much more democratic country rather than A B C D Britain? Question 12: It was farer to the shops than I expected. Therefore, it took us more than A B C

30 minutes to get there by taxi. D Question 13: I've always believed that happiness and health count more and more than A B C D money. Question 14: She is an efficient employee; she does twice as more work as other people do. A B C D Question 15: The United States has a younger population as most other major A B C industrial countries. D Exercise 5: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions. Question 1: The American are less formal in addressing their bosses than the South Korean.

  1. The South Korean are less formal in addressing their bosses than the American.
  2. Both the American and the South Korean have the same formality in addressing their bosses.
  3. The South Korean are more informal in addressing their bosses than the American.
  4. The South Korean are more formal in addressing their bosses than the American. Question 2: Nothing is more precious than happiness and health.
  5. Happiness and health are the most precious things.
  6. Happiness is more precious than health.
  7. Health is more precious than happiness.
  8. Happiness and health are more and more precious. Question 3: I’ve never seen such a nice bouquet of wedding flowers.
  9. This bouquet of wedding flowers is the nicest that I’ve ever made.
  10. This is the nicest bouquet of wedding flowers that I’ve ever seen.
  11. I've never seen the nicest bouquet of wedding flowers so far.
  12. Nothing I’ve seen is nicer than this bouquet of wedding flowers. Question 4: Ice-hockey is one of the most popular sports in Russia.
  13. In Russia, ice-hockey is more popular than any other sports.
  14. In Russia, no sport is more popular than ice-hockey.
  15. In Russia, no sport is less popular than ice-hockey.
  16. In Russia, one of the most popular sports is ice-hockey. Question 5: Tet holiday is the most interesting Vietnamese traditional festival that he’s ever attended.
  17. Tet holiday is more interesting than the Vietnamese traditional festivals that he’s ever attended.
  18. He has never attended a more interesting Vietnamese traditional festival than Tet holiday.
  19. He has attended many interesting Vietnamese traditional festivals including Tet holiday.
  20. Tet holiday is one of the most interesting Vietnamese traditional festival he’s ever attended.
  21. The last question is not difficult.
  22. This question is the most difficult one.
  23. The last question is difficult but this one is more difficult.
  24. This question is hard but the last one is not. Question 14: I like reading books more than surfing the Internet.
  25. I like surfing the Internet more than reading books.
  26. I like reading books less than surfing the Internet.
  27. I don’t like reading books as much as surfing the Internet.
  28. I don’t like surfing the Internet as much as reading books. Question 15: In Vietnam, football is more popular than basketball.
  29. In Vietnam, basketball is not as popular as football.
  30. In Vietnam, basketball is more popular than football.
  31. In Vietnam, football is not as popular as basketball.
  32. In Vietnam, football is as popular as basketball. Question 16: As Elton John became more famous, it was more difficult for him to avoid reporters.
  33. The most famous Elton John became, the more difficult for him to avoid reporters.
  34. The more famous Elton John became, the more difficult it was for him to avoid reporters.
  35. The more famous Elton John had become, the more difficult for him to avoid reporters.
  36. The more Elton John became famous, the more difficult for him to avoid reporters. Question 17: We cut down many forests. The Earth becomes hot.
  37. The more forests we cut down, the hotter the Earth becomes.
  38. The more we cut down forests, the hotter the Earth becomes.
  39. The more forests we cut down, the Earth becomes hotter.
  40. The more we cut down forests, the Earth becomes hotter. Question 18: As he earned more money, Mike bought more clothes.
  41. When Mike earned a lot of money, he bought more and more clothes.

The more money Mike earned, the more clothes he bought. Question 19: Success in the academic field depends on your number of qualifications.