Top tier dps class of dragon nest sea năm 2024

Class that are Top DPS with mobility: Artillery (Swift, lots of jumps, lots of movements) Shooting Star (Has little skill casting animation on both Mine Thrower and Biochem Missile, requires action speed to perform better)

Class that are Top DPS with little to moderate mobility: Ray Mechanic (Slow skill casting animation when transformed/Summoned Alfredo Frontier) Smasher (Because of Laser Ray and slow skill casting animation) Black Mara (Some skills forces your character to be in a steady stance to perform skills especially in Black Mara transformation)

Artillery is your best bet into considering the list zArAthena posted, since she has more mobility than all the other 4 classes that you have mentioned but in terms of skill spamming, Smasher and shooting star are at best considering Shooting Star can hit up Splash 15x without restrictions except if she ran out of bubbles, but ofc bubble gaining from recharge is a considerably good amount and enough to deal lethal damage, and you also generate bubble each few seconds. Smasher will probably win it because of her nine tail laser x3 cooldown charges since it will save up 2 additional cooldowns the time you don't use it much, and since Smasher is the "Beyond Time" queen now, she can probably overpower Shooting Star when buffed, pre-buffed not so much.

Black Mara and Ray Mechanic are 2 spin-offs that are the strongest of regular class, considering Ray Mechanic should be the best DPS than Shooting star because she has more dps output on her skills when in alfredo frontier mode (see her skills for details, google up dnskillsimulator and you will know it) it is because Shooting Star has more debuffs and better skill cooldown and with alfredo beside her, she's a much better choice considering she also has more mobility than ray mechanic in alfredo frontier mode. Black Mara is on her own league, she's a dark element user, but since there isn't any news into elemental resists of boss created on Nests now, its probably not even worth the time to talk about how Dark element would be effective on a nest. Black Mara can only transform into her best mode if you generate fast and enough bubbles, so she has limits as to when she will be able to deal her best damaging skills, that is why she's on the 2nd top dps tier.

What are the classes in Dragon Nest origin?

There are ten starter classes: Archer, Sorceress, Warrior, Cleric, Assassin, Academic, Kali, Lancea, Machina and Vandar. Each of these beginning classes split into further secondary classes and tertiary classes. There are also special hero classes, either a dark or light mode, available for most starter classes.