Which tailor in hoi an did top gear go to năm 2024

I went to Vietnam on a holiday about 5 years ago and had some business clothes made while in Hoi An. After 5 years of daily use, the wife has told me she is throwing them out.

I am quite slight and not at all tall, so I have difficulty finding clothes that fit well. So rather than buy local or online, I am planning to use this as an excuse for a junket and head back to VN for a week and get a whole heap of clothes (just pants and shirts) made up.

The last batch I had made up at 22 Le Loi. While the fabrics are ok and the fit is very good, the design of the shirts aren't great (the collars are funny) and I've had to repair all of the pants several times.

I don't want anything too flash, I just want serviceable pants and shirts that won't fall apart on me. And for a good price =)

Recommendations? I may also end up taking my brother, which would land me in either Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi as well, so any recommendations for there would also be welcome.

Will also field recommendations for ordering online, in case I decide to be sensible...

Cheers, kmcgrath

  • > When i was there i went to a place called SUN - just up the road from the big Yali featured in Top Gear.

    The cashmere wool suit, and egyptian cotton shirts are still in good condition, and are all a perfect fit. The only thing that fell apart was the silk dressing gown I got (wifes also). But that is around 3 yrs ago now.

    > that's exactly what i was thinking. the episode of top gear where they went to vietnam and got some suits made. > What sort of prices do full suits run? > I think this fits better in our new Travel forum - I move it there. > From memory, a full suit was between 80 and 120 US dollars in hoi ann when i went in 2009.

Yali was the most expensive, but in reality, most of them are identical quality. Our tour guide (who we are still friends with) took me to the Sun store as he said they were the most reasonable for price, but still equal quality.

Put it this way, I got a suit, 5 shirts, full length silk dressing gown, my wife got 6 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, a cocktail dress and a full length dressing gown, all tailored beautifully for $450 USD.

Hoi ann was my fav place in vietnam - so laid back like a beach resort that you could go do shopping at. Had a post office too so you could post stuff back to yourself at a reasonable rate.

> There was a place near the market (sort of away from the main area) where the bf got some pants made a couple years ago and they fit really well. I think it was maybe $60 for a jacket and 2x pants? I don't remember the name but they were opposite the market with tourist recommendations written on signs outside. If your wife is going as well then she can get silk dresses for $20, maybe a little more if she's > size 12.

Remember that prices they give you are negotiable and I recommend having a couple days there for fittings and adjustments.

> Thanks for the recommendations so far. I definately don't want to go to Yali as they are pretty pricey (comparitively).

I spose I am after Yali like quality at a better price =) I'll check out SUN. And this one near the market... I think I remember it from last time.

I agree. Hoi An was my fav too. Hanging out at the beach, eating seafood... Mmmm...


We went to about 6 different including Yali, and found that Yali was the best by far. The small amount you pay extra (small in comparison to what you would pay at home) was worth it for us. Of all the items made these are the ones consistently still getting wear.

> Was in Hoi An about 3 weeks ago. On the way into the town a girl on the bus recommended a place on the other side of the Japanese bridge on the left hand side of a restaurant, cant remember the name but you kinda cant miss it. Suit, shirt and tie for $85US, we had to barter quite a bit to get it down to that price and they kept trying to sell us more shirts. Best bet is to get your price first before they start measuring. There were 4 of us and everyone was really happy with the stuff they got. The girls in there were absolute crack ups too, it was a really fun experience despite how seriously fucking hot it was. > I've had plenty of shirts and suits made throughout Asia, admittedly not in Hoi An or VN, but Singapore, BKK and Honkers.

I tend to swap between off the rack and tailored. Obviously tailored fit well but I have found that they are not the same in terms of quality and longevity so if you wear suits regularly they can be a bit of a false economy. Most common problem is that they seems to layer the fabric around the chest, shoulders and back to give it shape and form. It looks glued and overtime you get a separation between the layers and unsightly bubbling forms. I get a year, sometimes two of regular wear but they look tatty quickly.

Also I have found Egyptian cotton is great but it's frigging hard to iron (needs to be starched then heaps of heat and steam) and if you are travelling, hotels don't always have good enough gear to properly iron. The other issue is that they aren't as good at stain resistance as polyester blends (yellowing in the collar and armpits) and they do tend to wear quicker around the cuffs (if you get a french cuff you will see wear lines on the fold over very quickly).

If you don't wear suits often I think they're a good buy but if you want long wear I'd recommend off the shelf - I used to think I could never get a good fit (i'm 6'3" and odd proportions LOL) but just a matter of going around and trying different brands and cuts.

These days I alternate between Country Road "Performance suits" - which you can get < $450 on a sale but with the added benefit of being able to order multiple pants (they always wear out first - get at least two and spend $30 getting a silk 'saddle' tailored in) and Hugo Boss when they are on special they can be hugely discounted ($1,800 -> $750 in DJs or Myer) then I usually TRS the 10% when I travel. Boss suits don't wear out - well they do but it take forever and they stay together. I can usually get 4 years out of Boss, about 2 years for Country Road.

Shoes.. don't start me on shoes

Which tailor in hoi an did top gear go to năm 2024

Which tailor in hoi an did top gear go to năm 2024

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Far better quality, and they have an entire building of tailors who actually do the work.

Other stores will just take your measurements and subcontract back to Yali anyway. Yali will finish their own customers before working on other's so you will end up with a better fit.

> Seems there is a lot of love for Yali...

Anyone know what I'd expect to pay for business slacks and long/short sleeve shirts? Do they do a better price for multiple items (like 10 pants, 20 shirts)?


Yeah they will, I cant recall the costs off the top of my head but they also retain your measurements and are happy to ship to you back in australia if your happy with their work, so can always get more without the need to revisit

  • Adong Silk.

    Had my stuff made 2 years ago, Am still wearing it today. Material hasn't faded or come un-stitched, even all the buttons on all my shirts (5 of them) are still attached.

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