Clean & clear advantage mark treatment mua ở đâu

\ ˈklēn
Clean & clear advantage mark treatment mua ở đâu

1a : free from dirt or pollution changed to clean clothes clean solar energy

b : free from contamination or disease a clean wound
c : free or relatively free from radioactivity a clean atomic explosion
2a : unadulterated, pure the clean thrill of one's first flight

b of a precious stone : having no interior flaws visible

c : free from growth that hinders tillage clean farmland

3a : free from moral corruption or sinister connections of any kind a candidate with a clean record also : free from violations a clean driving record

b : free from offensive treatment of sexual subjects and from the use of obscenity a clean joke

c : observing the rules : fair a clean fight

4 : ceremonially or spiritually pure and all who are clean may eat flesh Leviticus 7:19 (Revised Standard Version)

5a : thorough, complete a clean break with the past
b : deftly executed : skillful clean ballet technique The gymnast made a clean landing.

c : hit beyond the reach of an opponent a clean single to center

7a : characterized by clarity and precision : trim a clean prose style architecture with clean almost austere lines
b : even, smooth a clean edge a sharp blow causing a clean break

c : free from external hindrances to smooth flow (as of water or air) a clean airplane a ship with a clean bottom

8a : empty the ship returned with a clean hold

b : free from drug addiction has been clean for six months

c slang : having no contraband (such as weapons or drugs) in one's possession All visitors to the prison are searched to make sure they're clean.

d of a computer : not having anything added by a user installed the software on a clean computer

1a : so as to clean a new broom sweeps clean

b : in a clean manner play the game clean

2 : all the way : completely the bullet went clean through his arm

transitive verb

1a : to make clean: such as

(1) : to rid of dirt, impurities, or extraneous matter clean a wound

(2) : to rid of corruption vowing to clean up city hall

b : remove, eradicate usually used with up or off clean up that mess
2a : strip, empty a tree cleaned of fruit

b : to remove the entrails from clean fish

c : to deprive of money or possessions often used with out they cleaned him out completely

clean house

1 : to clean a house and its furniture

2 : to make sweeping reforms or changes (as of personnel)

clean one's clock

: to beat one badly in a fight or competition

clean up one's act

: to behave in a more acceptable manner

: an act of cleaning dirt especially from the surface of something She gave the tub a good clean.

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cleanability \ ˌklē-​nə-​ˈbi-​lə-​tē \ noun
cleanable \ ˈklē-​nə-​bəl \ adjective

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Clean & clear advantage mark treatment mua ở đâu

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Clean & clear advantage mark treatment mua ở đâu
Clean & clear advantage mark treatment mua ở đâu
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First Known Use of clean


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


15th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1a


circa 1889, in the meaning defined above

History and Etymology for clean


Middle English clene, going back to Old English clǣne "free from impurities or dirt, unblemished," going back to West Germanic *klainja- (whence also Old Saxon klēni "slender, perceptive," Middle Dutch cleine, clēne "of superior quality, elegant, slender, small," Old High German kleini, chleine "fine, delicate, clever"), of uncertain origin

Note: On the grounds that Low German klīn and Swiss German khlii, with an ablaut grade *klīn-, require a verbal origin, a base *klein-/*klain-/klin- has been suggested, whence Old Norse klína "to smear, butter (bread)," Old High German giklenan "to stroke, smear," from Indo-European *glei̯H- "smear, make stick" (whence, also with a nasal present formation, Old Irish glenaid "(it) adheres, cleaves," Welsh glynu "to stick, adhere"; cf. clay). This derivation would imply for the Germanic adjective an original meaning "smeared on well, carefully applied," hence "well crafted, of superior quality" > "free of impurities, fine, delicate" > "small" (see F. Heidermanns, Etymologisches Wörterbuch der germanischen Primäradjektiven, Berlin, 1993). The earlier proposal of a connection with Indo-European *gel- "bright, shining," is improbable, as none of the descendants of Germanic *klainja- have this meaning.


Middle English clene, going back to Old English clǣne, derivative of clǣne clean entry 1


Middle English clenen "to clear of weeds," derivative of clene clean entry 1


noun derivative of clean entry 3

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Clean & clear advantage mark treatment mua ở đâu
Chicago APA Merriam-Webster

: free from dirt, marks, etc. : not dirty

: free from pollution or other dangerous substances

: all the way : completely or entirely

: to make (something) clean : to remove dirt, marks, etc., from (something)

: to make (something, such as a room) neat and orderly

\ ˈklēn \

1 : free of dirt or pollution clean air Put on a clean shirt.

2 : not yet used Use a clean sheet of paper.

3 : not involving or showing involvement with anything wrong or illegal good, clean fun I've got a clean record.

4 : not offensive a clean joke

6 : having a simple graceful form : trim The ship has clean lines.
: all the way : completely The nail went clean through. Birds picked the bones clean.

: to make or become free of dirt or disorder I cleaned my room. Please clean up for supper.

\ ˈklēn \

1a : free from dirt or pollution

b : free from disease or infectious agents a pullorum-clean flock keep installations clean of TB infection

2 : free from smudges or anything that tends to obscure a clean set of fingerprints

3 of a horse's leg : free from curbs or bunches below the hock

4 : free from drug addiction

1 : to brush (the teeth) with a cleanser (as a dentifrice)

2 : to perform dental prophylaxis on (the teeth)

: free of amendments or annotations