How to top up for pubg mobile google payment năm 2024

Need more PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash? Give your character the winning edge with a PUBG UC digital gift card from You will receive your Unknown Cash EPIN in seconds via email. Then what? Once you have your PUBG UC you can customise your battle outfit and stand out amongst the crowd with items from the PUBG shop. Or buy the Royale Pass and get premium rewards and extra missions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my PUBG gift card?

  • Go to the redeem website.
  • Click on EPIN on the homepage.
  • Enter the EPIN and your PUBG username & PUBG ID-number
  • Select the region: others
  • Click OK to redeem.
  • What is PUBG?

    PUBG is a Battle Royale genre of videogames. Compete against 99 players inside a digital landscape. Make sure you beat the rest, as the last player or team standing is the winner.

What can I use my PUBG code for?

With the PUBG EPIN from, you can top up your mobile PUBG accounts with Unknown Cash. This currency is used to buy various skins, emotes, costumes, royale pass in the game.

From my experience, just open the in-game store, select the UC package you want, and Google Pay will pop up as a payment option. So convenient!

Win PUBG Mobile G-Coins by playing games on Playbite

How to top up for pubg mobile google payment năm 2024

How to top up for pubg mobile google payment năm 2024
How to top up for pubg mobile google payment năm 2024
How to top up for pubg mobile google payment năm 2024
How to top up for pubg mobile google payment năm 2024

500k winners and counting...

More Answers

ReplyingTheft·7 days ago

Super easy! Open PUBG Mobile, go to the UC purchase section, select the amount you want, and choose Google Pay as your payment method. Done!

👀 If you like PUBG Mobile...

How to top up for pubg mobile google payment năm 2024
Diego·3 hours ago

If you're a PUGB Mobile player looking for extra G-Coins or other power-ups, you need to download the Playbite app!

Playbite is like an arcade in your phone: you get to play all kinds of fun and simple games, compete with friends, and win cool prizes from all your favorite brands!

Two of those prizes are the official App Store and Play Store gift cards, which you can win and use to get anything you want in PUGB Mobile essentially for free!

In case you’re wondering, this is how it works:

Playbite makes money from (not super annoying) ads and (totally optional) in-app purchases. The app then uses that money to reward players like you with prizes!

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In the world of PUBG Mobile, UC (Unknown Cash) is the main in-game currency used to purchase exclusive items, weapons, and skins. Players can enhance their gaming experience by topping up PUBG Mobile UC or buying it through various payment methods.

Top Up PUBG Mobile UC:

Top-up process is simple and secure. Players can simply log into their PUBG Mobile account, locate the UC top-up section, and select the desired UC amount to purchase. The payment methods available for UC top-up may vary by region and platform, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and game gift cards. Once the payment is confirmed, the UC is credited to the player’s account, ready to be used for in-game purchases.

Popular Payment Methods:

When it comes to buying PUBG Mobile UC, players have a range of popular payment methods to choose from. These may include credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and in some regions, carrier billing. Each payment method offers a convenient and secure way for players to buy UC and enhance their PUBG Mobile experience.

Enhance Gaming Experience:

Buying PUBG Mobile UC opens up a world of possibilities for players. They can acquire exclusive skins, outfits, and weapon skins, as well as unlock elite passes for access to even more rewards. With the ability to top up or purchase UC through various payment methods, players can customize and elevate their PUBG Mobile gameplay like never before.

Safety and Player ID:

It’s important for players to ensure the safety of their transactions when topping up or buying PUBG Mobile UC. When making payments, players should always verify the security of the payment gateway and keep their player ID confidential to prevent unauthorized access to their account.


In conclusion, PUBG Mobile UC top-up and payment methods offer players the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience by acquiring in-game currency for exciting purchases. By leveraging the available payment methods and prioritizing safety, players can enjoy a seamless, secure, and rewarding process of acquiring UC for PUBG Mobile.

How to top up in PUBG Mobile?

How to top-up PUBG Mobile UC?.

Select the Unknown Cash UC denomination..

Enter your PUBG Mobile Player ID..

Check out and select your payment method..

Once payment made, the PUBG Mobile UC you purchased will be credited to your PUBG Mobile Account shortly..

How do I pay my PUBG Mobile?

Want to know payment methods.

International credit cards and debit(check) cards..

Mobile carrier payment..

Google Play balance and Google Play Gift cards..


Kakao Pay..

Why can't I purchase UC in PUBG?

Make sure that you have enough funds in your Google Play balance. Make sure that your payment method is accepted by Google Play. Make sure that you are not trying to purchase UC from a restricted country. Make sure that you have the latest version of PUBG Mobile installed.nullI can't purchase game uc - Google Play › googleplay › thread › i-can-t-purchase-game-ucnull