How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

After searching on the Internet, we find that many users are seeking the ways to maximize their slow Dell laptops. For example, the questions like "How to improve Dell Inspiron 15 5000 slow performance", "My Dell laptop is slow and how can I make it faster" and "How to speed up Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series". To help these Dell users out of trouble, here we sum up 4 helpful ways to fix Dell laptop running slow in Windows 10 issue.

  1. 1. Tune System Performance
  2. 2. Release Disk Space
  3. 3. Scan for Malware
  4. 4. Restore Your Dell Laptop

How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

1. Tune System Performance

In this way, SupportAssist is used. SupportAssist is a support application provided by Dell, which works on scanning for driver-update and troubleshooting hardware as well as software. It is preinstalled in most of the Windows Dell devices. If you cannot find it in your Windows 10 Dell laptop, you can download it from the Dell official website.

Step 1: Type SupportAssist in the search bar and select it from the result list.

Step 2: At the bottom of the window, click the down arrow.

How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

Step 3: Switch to Tune Performance and click Run Now to optimize the system.

How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

2. Release Disk Space

Full disk space is a big cause of the PC slow performance. To free up disk space, there are various ways, such as uninstalling unneeded applications, moving files to another sufficient disk or cleaning up useless junk files. As junk files can be easily created by the running system, deleting junks files is an effective way to release disk space most of the time. In other words, it's a brilliant idea to choose an easy-to-use tool to help frequently cleaning up the disk. So, how to get a suitable one? Here, you can try iSunshare System Genius, a popular Windows cleaner that enables you to erase all junk files within a few clicks. To use System Genius, you can follow the guide below.

Step 1: Download iSunshare System Genius by hitting the Download button or getting from the iSunshare official website. Then install it in your Windows 10 Dell laptop.

How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

Step 2: Launch the software. Then choose Clean All option to Scan out the junk files.

How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

Step 3: In the shown scan results, you can check the details of invalid registry files&common junk files and then select the unwanted items to remove. After that, just hit Clean to delete all selected junk files without effort.

How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

3. Scan for Malware

When your Windows 10 Dell laptop is infected with malware unluckily, it can also respond slowly. So, it's suggested to enable Windows Defender which is the basic built-in security program of Windows and use it to thoroughly scan your Dell laptop for malware. Besides, if you think that Windows Defender is not powerful enough, you can also get an external anti-malware software from the third-party platform. Then make a full scanning for your PC with the third-party tool.

How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

4. Restore Your Dell Laptop

You can apply this way when the methods above don't work and you have created system restore points with Windows System Restore function before. System Restore can help you revert your computer's state to that of a previous point. And before you use this function, it's recommended to back up your important files and write down necessary applications to prevent data loss caused by mistake. For how to restore your Dell laptop with Windows System Restore, you can refer to Recover Using System Restore on Windows 10.

How to make Dell laptop faster Windows 10

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How can I make my Dell laptop run faster?

Optimize your computer using SupportAssist..
Restart the computer..
Run a hardware diagnostic test..
Scan your computer for malware..
Restore the computer using Windows System Restore..
Restore the computer to factory default settings..

Why is my laptop so slow Windows 10?

One reason your Windows 10 PC may feel sluggish is that you've got too many programs running in the background — programs that you rarely or never use. Stop them from running, and your PC will run more smoothly.

How can I speedup my laptop?

Here are seven ways you can improve computer speed and its overall performance..
Uninstall unnecessary software. ... .
Limit the programs at the startup. ... .
Add more RAM to your PC. ... .
Check for spyware and viruses. ... .
Use Disk Cleanup and defragmentation. ... .
Consider a startup SSD. ... .
Take a look at your web browser..